Homeless Issues #5

We had a very good meeting as far as a “First Meeting” goes on Thursday the 9th. 180 invitations were sent out. We had 28 people attending. These included the major contributors to healing the homeless problems in our communities. Much lacking was the El Dorado County representatives, none that I could see or who made themselves known. Is this the view the County Government shows towards Homeless issues?

Solid Rock Faith; Light of the Hills; Green Valley Community; Foothills UMC; Only Kindness; First Lutheran;  Affordable Housing Coalition; Hands for Hope; as well as “unassociated persons” all joined in the meeting receiving and giving information that we all could use to make things a little better for our homeless citizens, sisters, and brothers.

6:30 Welcoming ….. Ron Sachs

Sign-up sheets, (Homeless Issue newsletter, FAITH volunteer roster,         Silvercrest/Carson    homes). Facilities at Foothills, bathrooms, foods, etc.

6:45 Reason for the gathering.

To keep everyone informed on what some groups are doing so that we do not waist         energy and money duplicating services. And asking other groups to join us in these     efforts.

6:50: Opening prayer ….. Mike Parr

6:55: Introduction and acknowledgement of all organizations attending the meeting and their primary function. ….. Ron Sachs

7:00 Mike Parr of FAITH …..

On site feeding = Upper room & Saturday Café.

Site and camp feeding = FAITH

Faith and its challenges, needs, and coordination and cooperation of the volunteer           force.

7:45 Pastor Frank Gates of “Cold Springs Church” & Dana LaForce of “Only Kindness”…. Also input from Lloyd Ingles.             Silvercrest & Carson Rd. homes. (I was informed Saturday that Carson Rd. home has shut down.)

8:00 Ron Sachs of JSS …..

Reach of this effort. Not only Placerville but Somerset/Grizzle Flats area.

Different life style & different needs.

The Storehouse Jeep.

Glasses, With the help of the Lions Club of Somerset/Pioneer, we have provided seven pairs of glasses to those homeless who needed them, everyday needs of the homeless provided and when possible special needs addressed.

Introduction of Jackie from the Sac Bee article of June, 24th..

Legal issues, permits, progress.

Construction volunteer help.

And most importantly, the interaction/networking between the groups that took place after the “official” meeting was over.

Look what you missed!

Financial contributions are to be made out to:


PO Box 1839

Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682-9998

Thank you;

Ron Sachs