Homeless Issue #9

STOP the rejoicing. It is short lived.

This networks priority is the Homeless citizens of ED County. That not only includes women with children who are in need the greatest but also the chronic homeless on the streets, behind the bushes, and “out of sight.”

The prayer and hopes of all, for the United Outreach and Board of Supervisors lease agreement on Perks Point had us all praising the Board of Supers that they had finally realized that the homeless were citizens of ED county and should be cared for in someway by their county government.

Nope! The Board have again abandoned their own citizens.

The following is an E-Mail from the president of United Outreach.

I attended a meeting with our county contact, Daniel Neilson, this morning to talk over the lease. I asked about our preliminary plan to have a mailing address, a job-hunting telephone, computers ands printer for job searches, so that we could begin helping some of the homeless get a job. I emphasized that we were not suggesting that we bring in more people to sleep beyond the six limit, but that we would like help people who might wander in from the street. He said that this kind of activity would not be permitted under our lease agreement. He said that we could do nothing that would “attract anyone” to our facility on a regular basis. This would include feeding lunch, providing showers, laundry, computer facilities, even a place to come and sit and read in our library to get out of the rain. In other words, we can do nothing beyond care for the six people sleeping in the home. . This is what I expected.

He then said that he wants me to make a list for him that breaks our plans down into phases and we will meet with him to decide how to attain each phase. He could not guarantee that each phase would not require the Special Use Permit, (a one tear effort) but he said he would try to get us a lease modification agreement that would allow us to move into each phase gradually before getting the SUP. Peter and I will write up this phasing document as requested and send it to you for approval, but I have to admit, I am getting weary just thinking of all the work that will be required and all the money it will cost us to get where we want to go.

We can not fault United Outreach. They had one plan. We, however are inclusive of all citizens.

However we can not dilute our efforts in providing 40 meals a day to four locations, providing tents, sleeping bags, blankets, warm clothes, and the many things we do daily for the homeless population in ED county. To be asked by United Outreach to build, renovate, supply, Perks Court, at the expense of our providing what we can to the homeless population during the winter months, while not allowing the homeless population to take advantage of any services at Perks Court, rubs us all wrong. Considering that we have asked twice to be allowed to use the mats that UO has in storage for a homeless shelter in local churches. And for UO to allow us to hook up the shower/laundry unit on local churches property. Both requests were ignored by UO. We are on our own, again.

WE ask you to support Mike Parr and F.A.I.T.H. and his efforts to enlist other then the few churches that have said they could house the homeless at least one night a week. Mike has an out-line of what is needed and expected of each location.

Michael Parr

530-676-1468 Home

530-333-5787 Cell

916-795-2572 Work

mooncalf62@earthlink.net Home

michael_parr@calpers.ca.gov Work

JSS needs large tarpaulins, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, rain gear, socks, sweat shirts, and warm jackets.

Drop them off at: Foothills UMC, 3301 Green Valley Rd., Rescue/Cameron Park, Every day 9 until 2:00 PM

Checks can be made out to: JSS, P.O. Box 1839, Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682-9998

This network will continue to work for the less fortunate citizens of our community.

We are committed. (Or should be committed 🙂 We are 200+ strong

Working together we will succeed.