Homeless Issue #10

A very, very, Thankful and loving Thanksgiving to each of you

Last night, Wednesday, as we had our weekly Spiritual “study” at the Silvercrest home, I asked those who were there (some you would never think of as being at a Spiritual study) what they were thankful for. We are talking about our brothers and sisters who are the poorest of the poor, the homeless. We went around the room 3-4 times. Very few repeats. They were thankful for the same things you would mention if you were asked. None mentioned “tangibles,” or wished for “tangibles.” We all were delighted to have the in-put and understanding of one of our street friends I was amazed to have join us. And, of couse, we extended an on-going invitation to join us every week.

We discuss the “politics” of the street. Who, where, when, of the street culture. How to handle the stress, the “problem” people, the scams, the hopes and dreams of the homeless population and the disapointments that come with that life.

And yet ………. they are thankful for the same things you and I are thankful for.

We are thankful that Superior Self Storage @ Cambridge/Cameron Park Dr. came up with a truck and storage space for our use. Thank you Ladies! Just in time.

From Michael Parr:

Temporary, Rotating Winter Shelter

There have been some new developments since late last week. I (Michael Parr) met with James Ellsworth and then with Art Edwards last Friday morning. Many people have been emailing FAITH. Funding has been discussed.Some of the following ideas may be crazy, but everything will be attempted.

1.Homes can be rented and up to 6 persons can be sheltered in each. Again, there are management and liability issues to be resolved. It is doable but not immediate. I am working on the plan now.

2. I will be emailing and calling all churches to donate to a temporary housing fund for the next few months. This could be a short term solution for the most vulnerable.

3. There is a church for sale in Rescue, 21 acres, 2 houses, some cabins and it has a special use permit. I am contacting them to see about temporarily renting it. There must be other properties around. We could transport people over and back each night.

4.. We could have 3 churches house up to 6 each night to start, then add other churches who may be more receptive to no more than 6 folks a night. For example, FUMC, CSCC and COTF all start with 6 people on the same night.

5. Art Edwards asked me to help start a tent city on the county property next to United Outreach. This has already been attempted by Dana.I am not sure what I could do that Dana could not, but it will be looked intio.

6. Any other ideas? Would any of you be willing to contact county government if I drafted an email and anyone that agreed could reply to them?

After Church In The Park last Sunday, I stopped by to see Dennis and Janis behind the Dollar Tree. Tommy was also there. Dennis said to me that many of them had been counting on the shelter opening last Friday night. He said that he was going to bring Janis over because she was so sick. Fortunately, he got Harry to give home some credit for the night. Janis was still sick on Sunday when I spoke with her.

Church In The Park

Church in the park was fantastic last Sunday. Pastor Frank Gates of Cold Springs Community Church played the guitar and led everyone in song and gave the message. Many of his congregation attended as well as many of the many volunteers working for the homeless of El Dorado County. Thank you Frank and Dana !

The Tangibles we need:

Candles, I am all out! All gone. At least 2″ base candles, used or new. Important for heat as well as light.

Tents, Socks (clean used or new white cotton), disposable razors, gloves, Big jackets (large, x-large, XX-large to be worn over heavy clothes),toilet paper, prayer.

Money to purchase what is needed but not donated.

Checks can be made out to:
JSS (Job’s Shelters of the Sierra
P.O. Box 1839
Shingle Springs, CA. 95682-9998
Drop offs at:

Foothills UMC (9-2 week days) Quality In-Home Care
3301 Green Vally Rd. 699 Main St. Suite A
Rescue/Cameron Park Placerville, Ca.

God Bless each of you;