Homeless Issue #11

The storm news.

All kinds of things have taken place to care for our homeless population.First Lutheran Church opened their door for a “Over Night Prayer Vigil” on Mionday night. Tuesday night a “Warming Center” opened at the Placerville old Town Hall @ 594 Main St. in Placerville. And it is still going to be open on Thursday night.

Pastor Will from Sheperd of the Hills was out rounding up people to take them to the “Warming Center” along with a few others. Dr. Bob Aburn, Mike, Frank were among them.

Michael Parr and Pastor Frank Gates are to have a meeting with the ED County officials on Monday. and will be trying to work something out with the County officals regarding shelters (All Night Prayer Vigils,” ” Warming Centers,” or “whatevers”) in different churches for the remaining of the winter.

El Dorado County Community Health Center has jumped into our fight with all kinds of support and connections necessary to get things going. Thanks Guys!

Ron was out Tuesday to the encampment to give out what was needed: Tarps, tents, blankets, sleeping bags, and of course,,,,,, socks and toilet paper. He found most of the people behind K-Mart have “hunkered down” in their tents keeping warm. Candles are running low to out. They provide warmth as well as light. If you have some or can get some, please get them to me.

Faith Episcopal Church came through with a bunch of sleeping bags as did many others. Shepherd of the Hills has a 4-week collection plan that is filling the basic needs of the homeless, and they have kept us well supplied. This last Sunday it was toilet paper, a very basic need that most do not think of.

Next year the U.S. Census will be taken; and this time, a real, in-depth count will be made of the homeless in El Dorado County. All of the county. ALL OF THE HOMELESS. I have been contacted by the U.S. Census to help them find where homeless people are located. I will be asking your help in finding those I might not know, and where they are so they can be counted.

Keep up your good work! Your faith in those who are less fortunate than ourselves is very important. Your faith in mankind is rewarding.

Donations can be made to:
JSS (Job’s Shelters of the Sierra)
P.O. Box 1839
Shingle Springs, CA. 95682-9998

Drop offs:
Foothills UMC
3301 Green Valley Rd.
Rescue/Cameron Park, CA.