Homeless Issue #20

Greetings with smiles đŸ™‚

Many have asked what has happened since our last homeless Issue that was “one big downer.” Job’s Shelters of the Sierra, JSS, is continuing to serve our brothers and sisters who find themselves homeless as a result of conditions that are innumerable to comprehend. The reasons are unimportant. JSS is here to make existence more tolerable regardless of the reasons. We love all of God’s children and are honored to be in God’s service. We do not discriminate, we are accepting, loving, and pray that when we give of our time, our labors, our heart, we are doing what our inner love for others demands.

So we continue. One of our vans has totally died. It was annualized resulting in a diagnosis that nothing could be done to it to save it and continue delivering the necessities that our homeless citizens need to survive in today’s El Dorado County. The van died in the street. At the same time our crew of three were made to leave the house that they were staying in, putting them in a tent with no transportation. Scattered with the rest of the homeless citizen population.

After our Board met and discussed our options, we chose to save the money needed to rent new space and just start at the beginning of JSS. We moved out of our location on Tuesday during the heavy rains and relocated back to where we began, our garage. Thanks to Dr. Deb for the shelving she provided as well a moral support during this time.

We could not take everything we had from that location so we are asking for the much needed items that our brethren and sisters need to live homelessly. Socks, “TP” (toilet paper), wipes, candles, work pants, summer shirts, deodorant, razors, and again, “Wipes.” These “Wipes” take the place of the showers we expected to be able to provide to the homeless. And our collection of books that were even set up in author alphabetical order is not available now so please don’t forget the books that you have read and are now cluttering up your shelves. Our homeless friends are better off reading something then the alternative that life on the street affords.

All of you have been most generous. Foothill UMC, Shepherd of the Hills, Faith Episcopal, Church of the Foothills, Green Valley CC, Hands for Hope, United Outreach, Cold Springs CC, Only Kindness, Tom/Janis Carney, Glloria Tingley who tried to mediate the misunderstandings, and so many others who have in the past contributed to our efforts.

Remember, the Bible tells us that Job had everything thrown at him and things looked so very dim. But our name sake, kept the faith and prevail against all odds. JSS, and the other providers will help to provide for the “least of these our brethren” with the help from you.

We ask you to again step up and help.

Ron Sachs

Job’s Shelters of the Sierra.

Drop-Off @ Foothill UMC, 3301 Green Valley Rd. Cameron Park/Rescue.

Financial contributions. And we do need those donations.


P.O. Box 1839

Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682-9998