Homeless Issue

Very Good People!
I pray you will give me a little slack on what I am about to write you.
A few months ago a guy phoned me and said he wanted to know somethings about the homeless population in ED County. I get these phone calls periodically and said sure. Figuring I would at least get a free cup of coffee out of it if not more support of our cause, the homeless citizens of ED County. I had heard his name and had seen signage with his last name on it. D’Agostini. Other than that……… this guy wanted to know about what we all have in common, our homeless population. I went at the appointed time and met John D’Agostini.
He asked very pertinent questions, asked for advice, Lose Weight Exerciseed the options, and wanted to visit the homeless encampments. Boy was I impressed. Someone, that I found out who was running for Sheriff, really wanted to know about the insides of the homeless population.
I asked him some law enforcement questions that I had encountered, and he gave me advice and said I could call on him any time for advice. WOW!!!!
I did and then asked John to join the Board of JSS as an advisory on law enforcement issues.  He said yes, and has asked, replied, and advised us on a few issues that presented themselves.
What a difference John D’Agostini would make as the Sheriff of ED County. Past examples as well as another candidate for Sheriff have records of running the homeless off, are suspected of allowing there Deputies/Police to destroy camp sites, and I overheard a conversation by someone close to the city, that after the election there will be a running off of the homeless that congregate at Lumsden Park as well as the providers of the food at Lumsden Park. (They don’t want to stir up anything before the election.)
By the way………………… I had to pay for my own coffee. 🙂