Malibu Joe

They called him “Malibu Joe.” He was one of the many homeless. He lived in a parking lot in Malibu under the oleander bushes. He wouldn’t take hand-outs, but people left things for him and he found food and clothes in the dumpster. He wasn’t a pest or a drinker, but was so loved by the people in the community that they placed a plaque in his memory after he was fatally beaten at age 96, long past his working years on farms in Ventura county. He had lived in Malibu over 30 years.


A visitor observing “Malibu Joe” for the day noted his first meal was an over ripe banana in the afternoon. His evening meal was water with instant coffee, along with a few packets of sugar with bread tossed in. Eaten with the aid of one tooth. He lit his pipe with a magnifying glass. He wore his worn black overcoat over his tattered clothes by day and used it as a blanket by night.


Even though he seemed content, at 96, there had to be times when he didn’t feel good and needed a warm bed.


Artist, Louise Nelson painted a 30 x 40 oil of Malibu Joe in his surroundings from a photo taken by former Pepperdine student, Troy Mayben. She started the painting because it was an interesting character study. As the painting progressed , she began to feel a burden for the homeless. “I realized that thanking god for my warm bed each night was not enough.”


Louise Nelson decided to use the painting as a tool to raise money for the homeless and needy. A total of 950 limited edition prints, signed and numbered,by the artist, have been produced for that purpose.


A minimum bid of $50.00 will allow you to have one of these print’s.


The picture, itself is 16”X21”
Signed by the artist.
Certificate of Authenticity comes with the print.
A letter from Jobs Shelters of the Sierra, noting your contribution will be sent to you.