Homeless in July

Good Day Good people:
It has been a while since you heard from JSS, Job’s Shelters of the Sierra. NO, the homeless persons in our community have not all been removed to a palace with all services provided by a benevolent stranger. They are still with us, and many of us are still trying to provided needed services. As the weather changed, so did SOME of the needs. However, socks, toilet paper, “wipes,” are still in great need. And yes, money to purchase what is not donated.

New things are happening:
1. JSS, Job’s Shelters of the Sierra, has a new web site. Check it out!
……………..  www.JobsShelters.com ………….. Give it a LOOK! See where the tents you donated went. Over 60 tents last winter. We will have continuning articles relative to homelessness; i.e, reasons and backgrounds of the homeless population.

2. Rene Evans has picked up the fall’n ball from Perks Court and is heading up a Resource Center for the homeless that will incorporate what was planned for Perks Court: laundry service, computer access, showers, resources available to the homeless, and yes, a supply closet managed by JSS as we had at Perks Court. (We, JSS, will need your help in building a shed 9’X10′ to house the clothes and necessities of homeless life.) This will be located next to “The Upper Room.”
Contact me, Ron, at ..Ronald.Sachs@yahoo.com and say, “I’ll help.”

3. Our supply of toilet paper, socks, “wipes,” as well as “summer” pants and shirts is getting low. We are asking you to again collect socks, toilet paper, “wipes,” and “T” shirts and take them for pick-up to: Foothills UMC, 3301 Green Valley Rd. Cameron Park/Rescue, or to the new Resource Center next to the “Upper Room” on upper Broadway, Placerville. BE sure to put “For JSS” on the supplies that you leave off for distribution to the homeless of our community.

4. Many are putting much effort into preparation for the winter months. You will hear more about those efforts in the future as dreams and desire, efforts, and struggles continue as we strive to serve our homeless citizens.

The homeless citizens of our communities, Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, Placerville, Pollock Pines, the rual expance of El Dorado County still need our help. Who’s fault is it? ?????????. Most importantly, our moral convections, our religious convictions, and our civic duties all tell us to take care of the citizens of our communities and the “Least of these our brethren.”