JSS Homeless #22

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UP-Date from Job’s Shelters of the Sierra

We are on our way, for sure, we pray. The Supply Closet looks like it will be constructed and prayerfully before the winter month set in. Hoop #1, architect drawing will be done by Art Edwards. We have worked together in the past. Hoop #2, approval from the city of Placerville. We have high expectation that it can be pulled off. Hoop #3 Materials list. Hoop #4 Pacific Coast Building Material, Keven Gifford, and others are providing the building materials, Michael Picco will do the electric, and if additional materials are needed, we can get “a good price.” Hoop #5 John D’Agostini and his crew, with others who expressed wanting to help, will start construction. Then a GRAND OPENING!!!!!!!

Dr. “Deb” suggested  borrowing this idea from www.noahswish.com who does the 10-10-4 Animals fund raiser each year where they ask only $10 from 10 people to raise money 4 the Supply Closet.

“So if everyone who receives this email tossed in $10.00 we would have the building! “

Yep! only $10.00 from each of you, except those who have already sent in $100.00 to $500.00, we will have the money to build, furnish, and purchase the un-donated items that we need. Yes, Yes, we will accept more than $10.00.

PLEASE, Send a check!!!!!!!

EASY! And for a great group of people in need, our homeless citizens.


P.O.Box 1839

Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682-9998