JSS Homeless #24

Homeless in ED County, some things you want to know.

Here are a few of the organizations that JSS is working with and actively participating with to care of those of God’s children who are disadvantaged or at a loss in our culture.

Community Resource Center (CRC)

CRC’s primary functional goal is to be a resource center, a physical point of light, to assist the local at-risk/homeless population in locating and utilizing El Dorado County’s existing and developing social assistance organizations.

The CRC exists  to assist the at-risk population in any area needed as a day resource center, including personal hygiene, counseling, transportation, clear direction to resources, inter-net usage, a mailing address, secure storage and a message phone, to discern which organizations are appropriate to help the individual, and, when passable, assist in getting the at-risk population connected into the daunting system of available assistance.

Rene Evans Director; 530-344-1864

Nomadic Winter Shelter

The initial organizational team consists of Ms. Rene Evans, of Green Vally Community Church and Director of the Community Resource Center, Pastor Frank Gates of Cold Springs Community Church and LOI 58 coordinator, and Mike Parr of Foothills United Methodist Church and coordinator of F.A.I.T.H.

They now have 4 nights of the week covered with nights 5 and 6 being considered by other churches. Your church or organization can join in by participating in one or more of these opportunities: Set-up; Check-in; Light meal or snack; Interaction; Overnights; Breakfast/Food to go; Clean up; Blanket Laundry; Mat Sanitization; Donations for gas, insurance, and maintenance.

Rene Evans CRC 530-344-1864

Pastor Frank Gates Cell 530-306-9192

Michael Parr Cell 530-333-5787

F.A.I.T.H. Feeding And Inspiring The Homeless

They go out every day of the week to feed the homeless and disadvantaged in our community. They need more volunteers to make the food and persons to deliver the food or do both. It is a great way for your church to get involved and have direct contact with our citizens who are at-risk, homeless, and the “least of these our brethren” who are mentioned in Matthew 25:40 & 45.

Michael Parr Cell 530-333-5787

We are JSS: Working with all who wish to help care for Gods children who are in need. We go to the gathering places of the disadvantaged, at-risk, homeless citizens of ED County and distribute all that is needed to survive the trauma of homelessness. Your contributions of sox, toilet paper, female sanitary pads, tents, sleeping bags, clothing, and the other necessities of homeless living are distributed at least 3 days a week in the summer and 5 days a week in the winter. Check out our web site below.

In His Name