Homeless Issues #25

“We’re Singin’ in the Rain, Just Singin’ in the Rain, What a Glorious feelin’ we’re Happy Again ……… ”       BUT MANY AREN’T!!!!!!!!!
It is that time of year again when the marginal citizens of our county got and will be getting wet as well as cold.
Last year, a loving and benevolent couple went to the Internet and purchased a lot of ponchos and umbrellas  to be given out to our homeless and at-risk population. We need that “rain gear” again and are asking all of our groups to promote donating rain gear and tents for the less fortunate members of our societies. It is also that time of year for winter clothing. Please, no prom dresses and high heal shoes. Women and men dress in men’s work clothes.
We have available “Tri-Fold” information about Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS) that can be given to you for distribution to your groups, organizations, and ministries. We also have an “KNOCK-OUT” 8X10, stand up poster, to go with the “Tri-Folds” to call attention to what JSS does. All ya gotta do is ask us for the “KNOCK-OUT” poster and 50 to 100 of the “Tri-Folds.” We’ll get ’em to ya!
You collect and I’ll pick those donations up and distribute or guide your group to gathering places for distribution. You can tell me how you want to participate and I’ll assist.
JSS needs a couple to distribute supplies during the day time around 12:00 noon and or to distribute evenings to the winter shelter.
Work helping in the “Nomadic Winter Shelter” on Wednesday evenings and nights in Cameron Park area, November, December, January & February then if weather is still bad …….. March.
Contact me by E-mail …. Ronald.Sachs@yahoo.com.
Check out our web site about us.