Homeless Issues #27

Last, Lost, Least, and Left behind some of God’s Children.

You, Me, We, are our God’s instruments to serve.

First full week of the Nomadic Shelter is completed. Bless all! Bless all! WE CAN DO IT!

The host churches/organizations involved are numerous. ALL are working together to bring this Blessed occurrence to our friends/citizens/brothers & sisters who have the least.

Cold Springs CC; Foothills UMC;Green Valley CC and Kokopelli Ranch were the host locations. Host Coordinators Frank/ Mike/ Janis/ Michael /Rene & Ron

The volunteers from so many area churches who were involved in one way or another, are impossible for me to note without getting in trouble by forgetting or not knowing one or two.

This is not just a one-way give, give, our homeless have involved themselves, setting up, causing no problems, helping each other, cleaning up, and packing up the bus for the next location. All are under the supervision of Mrs.LIsa Whitaker the “Shelter Guest Coordinator.” Mrs. Whitaker and I go back a few years together. She was the “mother hen” to the large group that were camped behind K-Mart. I consider her a dear friend. Yes,,,, we do not always agree,,,, we respect each other,,,, And most importantly work together for the benefits of her colleagues in the street without a home to call their own.

Do you or your organization want to get involved??

Cold Springs CC …. Frank Gates @530-306-9191

Foothills UMC Mike Parr @ 530-333-5787

Foothills UMC ….. Ron Sachs  ..Ronald.Sachs@ yahoo.com

Green Valley CC …. Janis Carney @ 530-409-9219

Community Resource Center … Rene Evans @ 530-391-4112
“Let nothing disturb you, Nothing frighten you, All is passing, God does not change, Patience, Attains to all; One who holds to God, Lacks nothing: God alone is enough”………… Saint Theresa of Avila ……

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