Homeless Issues #28

HELP! HELP! us out. PLEASE The “Homeless Issues” is used to transmit information, keeping you informed. The number associated with it signifies the number of issues sent. SOOoooooo…. if you have just joined us, YOU missed 27 issues.

This issue is a request by JSS for help. Please forgive us.

You all have been so generous with your donations of clothing for the homeless, at risk, and borderline citizens of El Dorado County that Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS) needs an ORGANIZER to step up and get a small group together to organize our temporary storage shed in Diamond Springs. That includes separation of donations that we can’t use, organizing the clothes that are hung up, placing “much needed” items up front and prioritizing the rest. …………. I am of the male gender– Un-Organized!

Our permanent “Supply Closet” that we thought we had has been held up; size of the unit was an issue. I asked what size is acceptable and have not gotten any answer. This “Supply Closet” is not a priority to the lessee or the owner of the property. It is a priority to those who are wet and cold and to those who serve them.

If you know of anyone who will allow a 12’X20′ foot building, built to code, to be placed on their property with a lease for 5 years, someplace near where the population we serve reside; i.e., Upper Broadway/New Town Rd., The unit is for storage only and will have a small work crew a couple of days a week. No one will be allowed to “hang around.” WE ARE A 501 (3) (C) NON-PROFIT Organization. This information might be helpfull at tax-time.

Please e-mail me at … Ronald.Sachs@Yahoo.com If you can help us with this project.

I again apologize for using this forum to ask for help.