Homeless Issues #31


Only about half of the homeless persons in El Dorado County are surviving in and around Placerville and the upper Broadway locations. The Upper Room where feeding those who walk through the door, and had been fed for eight plus years, and the new CRC, Community Resource Center, providing other services are fixed locations like Green Valley Community Church. Homeless persons have to get to these locations on there own somehow.

The other half are served by organizations that are mobile and go to the locations where Homeless and at risk persons congregate which are much more accessible than the Upper Room and the CRC and upper Broadway. These organizations don’t get the press, County monies, or large foundation grants and have to rely on church, faith, and other organizations to donate clothing, wipes, toilet paper, socks, and the every-day needs of persons who find themselves homeless or at risk of being homeless. Those with public assistance of $900.00 per month and pay rent of $800.00 per month need our help for food and basics of life also. We still need your help!

Cup of Noodles in Georgetown; F.A.I.T.H, Cold Springs CC food outreach; Pioneer Bible Church & (JSS) Job’s Shelters of the Sierra in Pioneer area of Eastern ED County; are just a few of the organizations that go to the people, to provide services. They all need your support in money and donations.

The Winter Shelter has ended for this year. “Our citizens” of El Dorado County, who have cultural challenges, mental challenges, circumstance, and yes, just plain “hard luck,” find themselves completely without and need assistance to survive. None that I have ever met chose this in there lives. Some have been caught up in the life style, some become addictive to alcohol or drugs as self*medication for social and medical needs. We need to remember that they are people. A Christian person would say they are God’s children, others see a Spiritual connection to those who have the least in there lives. A “Higher Power” tells us that we all should act.

Donations to the organizations that “Go To The People” are needed: summer clothing, toilet paper, socks, wipes, jeans and work pants, are the highest priorities and can be left at Foothills UMC located at 3301 Green Valley Rd. Rescue/Cameron Park. Monday through Thursday 9-2:00 PM. The feeding programs of FAITH, Cold Springs CC, and Cup of Noodles, need dollars to continue their works.

JSS alone has provided 19 tents to our homeless population already this year who were, and are, in need of shelter. Thank you so very much for those donations that made these possible.

JSS had received allegations of sheriff deputies misconduct and investigated the incident. Ron has been working with the homeless population for 20+ years and has been “coned”, “hood winked”, and “taken advantage of” in the past. Well, I was conned again. When a deputy responses to a call by a citizen, all transactions are video and audio recorded. I was invited to view the transaction between the homeless couple and the two responding deputies involved in the allegation. The deputies who responded were courteous, respectful, friendly and professional in the way they handled the incident. Sargent  Mike Cook phoned me and set up an appointment, and we had a long conversation. After the review of everything, I apologized to him and the department for the time taken out to resolve the allegations. The Sheriff Dept. did a great job. Thank you guys! We count on you!

Please bring to the attention of your church organization the need to host one night a week, next winter, a sheltering of the homeless of your community.

JSS with the help of Rolling Hill CC hosted one night. We had 15-18 most nights and 24 one night. This was a very rewarding and a thankful contribution to our citizens who have the least. Don’t worry about the mats or sleeping bags, that is all taken care of. Pray about it, talk about it, act upon it.
Ron Sachs 😉

Jobs Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)