Homeless Issues #32

UPs and DOWNS, Pot Holes and Mountains to climb and Mountains to coast down in our journeys on the roads of life.

An UPSusie (Zoz), Maureen, Carl, Janis, Tom, Pauline, Dana, Gail, Lisa, Lynn, Dorothy, the “In-take” coordinators at the Community Resource Center, who sit down and interview the homeless persons who come to the CRC for help. These people assess the needs of the clients that pass through the door. Are there– Mental challenges? Cultural challenges? Physical Challenges? Do they need assistance navigating the Social Welfare system? What about where to worship, get food, get clothing, get connected to the life as a homeless person? All this falls on the shoulders of these persons from their faith-based mission, to help the ones who have the least in our society. Also they go the extra mile by taking cliants to appointments and attending to the special needs of this group of people.

The CRC is an alcohol-free island in a sea of frustration, chemical abuse, fear, depression, and perceived disaster by those leaving foster care, jail, court hearings, and all the other disasters that can befall people in life. They hold a line of hope. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR GIVING AND YOUR HEARTS.

Mountains to climb …. “Community Block Grant 2012/2013 Program Year Community Action Plan” Public Hearing.

I found this document quite good. However, I would ask where in this plan are provisions for affordable housing for the homeless, singles/couples, who do not have any means to pay any rent in the foreseeable future, or for the homeless, singles/couples, who are not capable of taking care of themselves due to mental challenges, physical challenges, and culture challenges? These are sometimes referred to as “the forgotten” the “unwanted” the “no future story” group of citizens found in our County. This group is left out when you hear the term “Affordable Housing” for our people.These are also the people that the city of Placerville as well as the County authorities want to keep moving around from place to place.

THEY WILL NOT DISAPPEAR!!!!!!!! This group of people are our citizens; they do not have any place to go!

Mountains to coast down …. After years of JSS and others, attempting to get the very first line to well-being in health, and attitude, having started and failing again and again, the CRC is about to pull it off. A place for our homeless population to take showers. Many don’t realize that the most expensive medical care, is using the Emergency Room at a hospital financed by us in one way or another. Showers help prevent diseases and the spreading of disease to others. Showers prevent infection in wounds, Etc, Etc. Etc. .We thank the 20+ volunteers assembled at the CRC for pulling this off.

Pot Holes …… Many to overcome. The ED Commmunity Foundation is looking to help overcome those pot holes with a grant of $60,000.00 details to be worked out by the principal of the different homeless provider groups and the ED Community Foundation.

Congratulations to Lisa Whitaker. Lisa has been the “face” of homeless in our community for many years. I am honored to have her as a friend for four and more years. WELL ………. Ms. Whitaker has completed her first semester at college with A in three subjects and a B in the other. Her major is in Humanities. She is studying to be a Social Worker. GREAT JOB LISA!!!!!!

BTW …… We have high lighted Foothills UMC, Cold Springs CC, Rolling Hills CC, and I have not mentioned much appricated efforts made by the Green Valley CC. You Guys are doing a great job! THANKS!!!!!!!!

Personal Mortality …….. I suffered a small stroke and my mortality has made itself known. Here is where YOU pray-fully fit in. As you know JSS is the provider of toilet paper, socks, hygiene items, clothing, tents, sleeping bags, etc. etc. to our homeless population wherever they congregate. Lumsden Park, Hangtown motel, CRC, etc. I have been doing this for the last four years, going 3-4 days a week and sometimes more as needs arise.

JSS needs assistance in providing that service on Saturdays and/or during the week. JSS will provide most, if not all, supplies to be given out from its storage unit in Diamond Springs. Also needed are donations you and/or your group can collect. That storage unit is available every day except Monday, to pick up supplies. On Tuesdays, “Cup of Soup” provides the minimum supplies, toilet paper, socks, and hygiene items like deodorant and toothpaste etc. We want you to fill in on Saturday or Thursday. Reply to: Ronald.Sachs@Yahoo.com

What we ask is that You and/or your group would make it part of your service to the homeless of ED County, to go to the places of congregation, and pass out the necessities of surviving in homelessness. I will continue to “make my rounds” during the week on the days that will not be covered.

There is room for all groups that want to partisapate in providing the necessaties of life to the homeless population of El Darodo County, to those who have the least. No one enitiy should dominate. Cooperation amoung all of the providers, pray-fully shared, respecfully, honoring each other, will prevail.

Ron Sachs 😉

Jobs Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)