Homeless Issues #34

Fall is Falling into place. Getting prepared!


Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS) is gearing up for the fall and winter months. From April 11, until September 11 of this year, JSS, working with the CRC, has given out 56 tents, 64 sleeping bags, plus blankets, to 76 persons who had no place to go except in a tent, or when available, a car to sleep. The major expense that JSS incurs is purchasing tents and sleeping bags. Plus the deodorant, tooth past, tooth brushes, mouth wash, “wipes,” razors, lady hygiene supplies, as well as special needed items for persons who have special needs. Such as adult diapers for those who have need for them. The donations collected by various groups of toilet paper and socks, the items that are most needed, keeps us being able to provide for those who have the very least in our community.



JSS is exhibiting “WE’R DO’N IT” (street talk) for what we do, at the Fall Festival, at FUMC 3301 Green valley Rd. Rescue/Cameron Park on September 16 from 11:30 until 5:00 PM. Come on out and have some family fun. It will be a GREAT TIME! JSS shirts will be on sale. The front of the shirt is inspirational. Come get one, for a small donation. …………. BTW the JSS table Exhibit is available for any organization that wants to volunteer to collect the toilet paper, socks, and/or repackage “wipes.” It’s really neat looking. And powerful. Get your youth groups involved by hosting a ““WE’R DO’N IT” event. Your group gathers and we have a packaging of the “Wipes event,” that includes a talk on the plight and understanding the homeless population, then conduct a collection drive for the persons in our community who have the least, ending, when we go out into the community to the places that homeless persons and at risk persons congregate and deliver our labors. Fun and educational.



The winter shelter is gearing up. It looks like all 7 nights will be covered this winter but with individual churches responsible for pick-up and returning those who were sheltered back to where they were picked up the nighty before. Church contacts are; Green Valley CC, Thursday & Friday, 530-409-9219; Cold Springs CC, Sunday & Wednesday, 530-306-9192; Foothills UMC, Tuesday & Saturday, 530-333-5787; and Solid Rock Foundation, Monday, 530-422-2038; will be the host churches this winter. We have to give many thanks to Mike Parr and Frank Gates in getting togeather a large group of churches to partisapate in helping the host churches pull this off. Contact the individual churches or the Community Resource Center for times and pick-up locations. The shelter will start Nov. 1 and go until March 31, or possability April 31 depending on weather………………



2011 Wine and Olive Oil Tasting Event, Oct. 8 @ 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. Benefiting the Community Resource Center. Lakehills Covenant Church, 7000 Rossmore Lane, El Dorado Hills, Ca.



The BIG news; After the full board, and the board advisers, of JSS met on Sept. 19, it was decided to undertake the dream of building a facility, as a transitional unit for the single persons who find themselves without a place to stay safe as they re-enter the work force. Working with others, we plan to build this facility. We have transitional housing for women with children in the county now. This would be the only safe, and protected, place for the single person to go as they re-enter the work force and again become contributors to our community. We will be asking for your help and prayers in achieving that goal. This would be one place to collect themselves and “get on with their lives.” They would benefit from the resources that the others provides, have a warm bed during the winter months, a shower, and a place to hang their clothing as they work to re-enter the work force.


This is a huge undertaking and is going to require everyone’s participation and help. It won’t “happen over night,” but we need to begin now. If all goes well, we could see results within a few years.



We need your help in convincing the County Board of Supervisors and others in our community that this facility is a must. El Dorado County is the only county in Californians that does not have, or pay for, some facility for single persons who are out of work and need re-entry assistance..