Homeless Issues #35

Yep, It’s COLD outside!

The Winter Shelter programs are starting up in the various churches. Your volunteer help is needed at many levels; moral support, prayers, time and money are in great demand. Please help us out!

We are starting to put into place a Transitional/Re-enter Housing facility for those single homeless persons who want to re-enter our community as productive and self-sustaining members. Allow me to take you through the steps and ask for your support in the county project.

#1. Propose the project to the Community Action Council. I represent Supervisor Nutting on the council. Set up a sub-committee, I am the Chair, to refine the proposal before it is sent to Continuum of Care, Housing, Community and Economic Development Programs…………. Done!

#2. Go before the Continuum of Care Stakeholders to find out if there is enough interest in the community to proceed with the proposal as put forth.

#3. Another group/committee is formed to sort out the particulars of where is an available location (we have one in mind), sorting out what organizations will be doing what, who/how/what the building would be constructed, where the money will come from, and at least ten other things that I have not thought of yet.
#4. Not sure where we go from here.
#5. Goes to the Board of Supervisors. Hearings, deliberations, etc. Prayerfully receive the BOS blessings.
#6 Get started on the project. (Maybe!)

And you want to go into public service???????? 😉

Here is the outline. Keep in mind that some homeless persons will not to go into any kind of a housing program, for whatever reasons. We need a  projection on how many persons we can give quality help to in a facility. We note that El Dorado County has facilities for women with children in place now. The plan is to include all Non-profit, Homeless providers, that are now in operation in this county: Interviewing, self-help programs, feeding, spiritual counseling and support, facility infrastructure, churches, and persons who have the heart and want to get involved. Your organization will be a part of this project.

The three main points to be included are:

  1. Housing for men and women without children,
  2. Transitional/re-entry in nature,
  3. To provide services for a maximum of 25 persons wishing to follow a planned itinerary. These services would include the ability to expand to larger numbers if warranted by the influx of persons on parole.

1. Introduction:

a. Developing a transitional/re-entry system that works.

b. Targeting the homeless persons without children, who want to follow a program fitted to their special needs.

c. Some homeless want out of homelessness, and need a transition option; some want to stay in homelessness.

d. Limit the number to 25 at one time so that quality of services can be maintained. With the ability to expand to larger numbers if warranted by the influx of persons on parole into our county.

Now, what I can do with a few strokes of the key board NOW.

E-Mail To: Beverly.Savage@edcgov.us ...CC: Ronald.Sachs@yahoo.comSubject: Re-entry facility ….. Message: I support this effort of the county, and will do what I can to assist. Send:

Then: Get all the people in El Dorado County that you know to also send in this message.