Homeless Issues #40

“Clearing the park”

I have had many people ask me how the “clearing of Lumsden Park” went. From the standpoint of some who lived there, it was done compassionately by the Placerville Police Department. The CRC, assisted in the clean up, and the Police Dept. were helpful to the community as well as treated those homeless persons who lived in the park with dignity. Notice of the clean-up wqw given to the residents and their tent site. Those persons who heeded the notice, took down their tents and moved to another place. Those persons who stayed at their tent site had their tent taken down, packed up and given to them so they could move on. And yes I heard of the ravaging of personal property etc. coming from those who feel entitled to, be catered to, or “just complain.”.

I want to give congratulations to the Placerville Police Dept. and to the CRC for their participation in this “clean-up,” and how they conducted it.

This did not end homelessness in El Dorado County! All of those persons had to move someplace. Some went to another location; some went to the Winter Shelter programs, which will come to an end, held by the four churches; some just went to the “streets.” The problem is not solved. It just has been temporarily moved.

I have heard people say, “Why don’t they just move to Sacramento? Our homeless population is from El Dorado County, born here, went to school here, worked here, lost their jobs here, became addicted here, and are just like many of us who have supportive friends, loved ones, families,and/or familiarity with “home ground” here in El Darodo County. There is none of that in Sacramento or any other place. This is their home!. And yet we still have cold hearts to contend with. And, of course, the “I’m privileged and those people are not” group stays hidden but is much alive.

Shelter at the churches will end March 30, 2012. What then?????
Well, JSS has handled the distribution of tents, sleeping bags, rope and tarps, working through the CRC and other providers of services to the homeless, for the last few years. JSS expected to get some financial help to provide tents etc. from a private entity. That has not happened. Big disappointment. JSS, with the help of churches, individuals, and just plain people who care, will come to their rescue. SOOOOOOOOooo,,,, step up churches, organizations, and just us plain, caring people. I was told today, within one hour of receiving the, end of shelter information, reported above, that the Placerville 7th Day Adventist church has collected 27 tents and/or money to supply 27 tents and 27 sleeping bags. Not only that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but they have pledges for even more. And leading by example, Pastors Ron Mellor and Pastor Roy Hager and the Youth Pastor slept out in the open, overnight, on a cold wet night, with other members of their church family, to accent the need. OK! Any other group want to take on this very worthwhile challenge, of giving a person a place to go to when it rains, when they need to be alone, when they want to cry, rest, read a book, pray for a better life, or think about tomorrow??????? Will you get a drive going at your church????? Please Do! Dome tents should be no smaller than 7’X7′; Sleeping bags should be rated to 25 or 30 degrees. Light indoor bags just don’t make it. Think $25.00 each tent and each bag. Send checks to: JSS, P.O. Box 1839, Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682-9998, designate checks for “tents & bags,” or “open for special needs” JSS is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit. You will get a letter acknowledging your contribution. Tents/bags can be left at Foothills UMC at 3301 Green valley Rd. Rescue/Cameron Park, Ca. 95672. OR I will come pick them up from your church or organizations location.

SRF Sober Re-Entry Facility info. 2/13/12, we had the Continuum of Care committee meeting today. A Long, long discussion was held on who should be in charge the CoC: County or a Lead Non-Profit organization. The CoC is hiring a consulting firm to coordinate the ED County CoC and the federal government. Thanks to the EDCF for the funding for this……………. Regarding the SRF Sober Re-Entry Facility. The CoC agreed to go forward with our plans to start the process of organizing those who stepped up and said they would be involved in the operation and maintenance of a Sober Re-Entry Facility. We will e-mail those who are on board with this project for a meeting in the very near future.

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