Homeless Issues #41

“Do you want a Homeless Shelter in this city”? That was the question put forth by a County Supervisor. “No, we don’t, but we have the problem in our city, and we have to deal with it.”  The reply by the city……….. (Actually, none of us want to have homeless persons at all who are in need of sheltering, but we do have them.)
Dealing with it. The City of Placerville recognized a problem, faced that problem, and decided to do something about that problem.  They didn’t refuse to acknowledge a glaring situation that effects the very citizens of El Dorado County as the BOS has done..
Our hats are off to the City Council of Placerville who recognized a problem and stepped up and addressed the problem, and for the endorsement of the Chief of Police. . That is what a government is supposed to do.
The city now has a city representative who will join organization meetings to keep the City Council and City Manager up to date on homeless issues. Art Edwards is the person chosen.
The city has received a parcel of land to erect modular shelters for our homeless population. I helped to “pace it” off today. It is in a great location.
The city is responsible to all of the citizens of their city.
Thank You City Council! …………………. I’ll keep all of you informed as the clearing, building, organizing, and volunteering progresses.
I just had to get this out! 6 years of heartbreaks, 6 years of praying, 6 years of prodding. Can we all work together to pull it off? WE CAN!
Ron Sachs 😉
Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)