Homeless Issues #42

Feel beautiful time.
After the hard winter of wet times, the sun always comes out. It reminds me of the song from Annie, “The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, ther’ll be sun, tomorrow, tomorrow,…………………”    We have a lot of groups, and churches, that do not forget those who have the least and continually share what they have so that others can have a little. And I do want to lift up those who have the least; find something they can do to assist others.

“Hi Ron – We (CRC) are bringing a team of 8 volunteers and Guest Partners to Santa Cruz for training on the 100K Homes campaign.  This is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the vulnerability of homeless persons and how being homeless relates to health overall.  The CRC has partnered with the leaders of this nationwide campaign and will be holding its registry week this summer in El Dorado County.  Our teams will be assisting the teams in Santa Cruz for their Registry Week and learning hands-on how to do ours successfully, too…..Stay tuned!” (Rene Edwards)
I am impressed by the participation of the “Guest Partners” in this project and of their work at the CRC and in assisting the new homeless persons that arrive on the street every week. You guys are an example of what community is all about. You share with others everything you have. You care for others!

Placerville Seventh Day Adventist church held a “Ministry Fair” that highlighted all of the ministries that they are involved with, including table displays, banners, and “the whole works.” This Fair  exhibited ministries that are outside of their individual church. We should remember that Placerville Seventh Day Adventist Church sort of “started it all” with their Camino Church in partnership with United Outreach under the direction of Roz, the then president, and then Art Edwards, hosting the overnight winter shelter 5-6 years ago..

Foothill UMC is involved in reaching out to those who have the least with a variety of projects. The first  is called “SOCK IT TO ME!” – a collection of socks and toilet paper for the homeless of El Dorado County.  The IMPACT leadership group at Lakeview Elementary school in El Dorado Hills was also inspired to have their own collection and it is going strong!!  The youth of Foothills UMC will be delivering socks, toilet paper, hygiene kits and other needed items to the homeless population in El Dorado County on Saturday May 19. Everything left over from the “Great Give-away”  will then be distributed by JSS in the following weeks.

The goal is to get people in our communities to see what good the churches can do for others and to support all peoples who are in need of help. .

The groups like Hands4Hope, CN ministry, and individuals to numerous to name that make, and deliver food to the homeless encampments under the direction of Dee Hook and her group of willing volunteers at FAITH are all part of the fabric of El Dorado County.

You ask how is it coming with the city and a micro-shelter development. Welllllllllll, remember it is a city project, involving a city government, and the citizens of that city. I will say step #1, #2, #3 have been taken. Remember city/county governments, four steps forward, and three steps back. etc, etc, When we arrive at the “get together active labor ” part, I’ll let you know. And ask for your help………………… This project with the City of Placerville does not replace the need for a “Sober Re-Entry Facility” in the County.

That “Higher Power” has heard our cry, and things are falling into place. Unfortunately, our time frame does not jive with His time frame 😉 But our cries and prayers have been heard.

I have heard of other groups/ministries starting projects, but I do not have any particular information  to report at this time.

Ron Sachs 😉
Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)