Homeless Issues #43

LET’S GET UP-TO-DATE about our homeless citizens in El Dorado County…..

What about the Community Resource Center (CRC) ………………….

After noting that there are 225 to 250 different individual visits each week at the CRC, and that the CRC has a 4 1/2-page “intake” procedure that gives them information to provide homeless persons with the services that might be available to them, since November, JSS provided 124 sleeping bags and/or tents that were distributed by the CRC. This helps make sure the tents are going to those who truly need them.  We are not just throwing away the tens/sleeping bags JSS provides, I asked Rene to give me a run-down.

Thanks, Ron. Please, prepare yourself, this is a long one! J

In July of 2010, we opened the Community Resource Center with the thought that we would serve primarily the homeless population and we have. We helped coordinate the county’s first seven- night-a-week winter shelter. We have become the place to send people when they have nowhere else to go. We have completed intakes and assessments on more than 600 individuals with over 9,000 visits through our doors, since we opened. We have documented 1,845 incoming referrals from 26 types of service groups and government agencies; provided grant assistance for direct funding to the community totaling over $20,000 in funds for car repairs, identification, bus passes, school supplies, interview clothing, sleeping bags, tents, rope and band aids, etc. We have been at the core of finding over 35 people permanent housing, 42 people jobs through our resume services and over 122 people onto medical insurance in the past 20 months. We have provided over 400 loads of laundry and 1800 showers to folks in need. We have been this community’s safety net and we have not asked for much. Our average cost to keep our doors open is around $20,000 per year. We have one person on staff, our Executive Director, who earns less than that annually and $14, 000 of that was donated by one amazingly generous person, but it could only last for so long. Now, there is no money for a salary and little else to do much with, either. We are definitely hanging on by a thread right now…
Here’s some general service info for you. See throughout (closer to the bottom) for specific numbers. You’re right, it is time for the community to step up and be responsible, too. We have PayPal for those who do not trust that we will get our mail and we DO send out thank you’ s to those who donate unrestricted funds to the CRC. Ron, we have been doing almost all of this since the first day we opened. Our overhead is approximately $1500/month or an average of $50 a day to keep all of these services available to our community. I am sure I am forgetting something. Here’s our donation receipt and some Success Stories, too. We are at a point of do or die. Do we continue or let it go? Rene

What about the “HangTown Haven” …………………..
The legal encampment area, being provided by the city of Placerville? It is in the formation mode. Yep! It is going to happen. Total cost will come in at $87,000.00 to $97,000.00 completed–all from donated monies. We plan to build in stages as money is made available. To start the project we will need $4,000.00 for the fence. There will be an area and improvements to allow the homeless population to move in before the project is completed. After $9,000.00 and donations of material and labor, we should be able to start allowing persons to move from the illegal encampments to a legal encampment. Did you get that? Legal encampment!!!!!

Yes, we need YOU. Donations are to be sent to:
(In the “memo” line, put “For CRC” or “For HangTown Haven.”)
Community Resource Center
1864 Broadway
Placerville, CA. 95667
The CRC web site will accept PayPal credit card donations for the CRC. …… WWW.edcrc.org ….

Ron Sachs 😉
Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)