Homeless Issues #45 & HTH

Up-Date on HangTown Haven Inc. Yes,Yes, Hangtown is one word. “HH” just doesn’t make it. 😉
It is now HTH, for HangTown Haven Inc. I pray  I did not offend anyone. It is still one word. 😉

God, The Maker, has heard, and said “Now is the time.” The Hangtown Haven site will not be ready for winter this year, and we need to rely on the Nomadic Winter Shelter to do its thing this winter. The HTH site is located next door (east, towards the CRC) of the Hangtown Motel about 100 yards or less. You will see a new driveway; and when you turn in, you will see two “Porta Potties.. A great welcome.

We have already heard and are aware of the “bad mouthing” by some of the homeless population; you can figure who they might be, but when 16 homeless persons showed up to do hard labor, clearing brush, in the heat, working 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM on a Saturday, supported by 6 interested persons, who had not, to my knowledge and by their questions, interacted with the homeless population.  I say that is success.
A late comer, ” You take donations” giving me two crumpled dollar bills, representing many cans and bottles dug out of the trash, “I’m nothing, just a drunk, old, Indian woman, I’m nothing.”

The “nay-Sayers” and those who are bad-mouthing this project, have issues beyond anyone’s help in my humble opinion. .

Thanks for your support, your prayers were the ones that encouraged God to say, “I’ll look into this.”

We have started the project that all receiving this have supported in some way. “Homeless Issues” is sent out only to those persons who somewhere, some place, showed an interest in what is happening to our citizens who have the least.

What day can the homeless population who want to abide by the rules of consensus and have some connection to El Dorado County, move in? We as yet have to be informed by the City of Placerville and its code enforcers, and its Police and Fire Dept.

Celebrate,  and stay tuned. Yes, we need funding. HTH will need $87,000.00 to complete the project. We will begin, and build as we receive operating and construction funds. See the address of the major organizations that are involved in this project below.

HangTown Haven Inc.           Community Resource Center        Job’s Shelters of the Sierra
P.O. Box 89                            1864 Broadway                               P.O. Box 1839
Placerville, Ca. 95667            Placerville, Ca. 95667                    Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682-9998

Ron Sachs 😉

Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)