Homeless Issue #48 + HTHI

HangTownHaven Inc. is flourishing! Self-governed by its residents and recent past residents.

They said it couldn’t be done, and with your help it is being done. The
5 member board of Citizens in Transition, with advice when needed from
Marie Cook, Operations Manager at the CRC, is experiencing group
Yes they have had to deal with those who can’t
control their own lives, have cultural challenges, addictions, and just
can’t get along with others.  In addition, they have to deal with their
own feelings of accomplishment in what they are doing and where they
will go from here. Those
can’t control their own lives, have cultural challenges, addictions,
and just can’t get along with others, will, of course, have a different
view and prospective, and will attempt to bring down what has been
accomplished at HangTown Haven Inc. by

Placerville Police Dept. has stepped up and assisted HangTown Haven
Inc. in keeping order and civility in the community. They have come when
needed, and are welcome when they are not needed as law enforcement;
they come just as citizens wanting to help..
As of 09/01/12 There are 23 tents, with three tents that are double occupancy. All are enjoying clean, legal, and cooperative living
while they struggle at being homeless, and needing help.

We see what parents never see in their children when their child is
living on the street by choice. I’m afraid that I have had  a mother
shouting at me, while she proclaims how honest and saintly her daughter
is who had chosen to live on the streets and not under the supervision
of anyone. We saw and experienced a very different child then what was
presented by the mother.

Many  groups have come forward with expertise that we lack and have offered their support. WE welcome all support.
If a group of persons wish to tour HangTown Haven Inc., we would be
pleased to take them on a tour, after we inform the residents of when
the tour will take place. This protects the residents privacy.

Haven for the homeless population is primarily for those who can show
some connection to Placerville City. When the tents and sleeping bags
from Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS) are given out to the homeless,
they are offered to residency at HangTown Haven if they have some
connection to Placerville City. If they don’t, they are told not to set
up anyplace
within the Placerville City limits and are told to go onto El Dorado
County land.

would love the Supervisors of El Dorado County to acknowledge that the
County has a homeless population and would either set up there own site
or contribute to the operation of HangTown Haven and allow the County
homeless population to join in the advantages of HangTown Haven Inc.
There is space for more persons at HangTown Haven Inc. Tell your County Supervisor to step up and help ALL of their citizens, not just the revenue producers.
They are all God’s children and citizens of their County!

I was told that a new church, Mercy Way and Rescue is being created to provide worship and Bible study for the homeless
population who, I was told do not feel welcome or feel out of place in the churches in and around Placerville.

Ron Sachs 😉

Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)