HangTown Haven

Haven Inc (HTHI)

Board of Directors:
Edwards, President and Chairman
Ron Sachs, Vice Chairman, Operations
Jim Ellsworth, Secretary/Treasurer
I apologize for not responding to your generous gifts to HangTown
Haven before now, but
I have been waiting to include the latest site developments in my report. The
bottom line
is that the encampment has been successful beyond our wildest dreams. Since it
to Placerville
homeless on July
15th, HangTown Haven has taken in thirty-five men and
women who are living in thirty tents. The residents have created their own
that makes and enforces the rules they all live by. It is a thrill to see them
take charge of
their lives and do what is necessary to live together peacefully. “We are
all brothers and
sisters here,” is the words that we hear most often.
The property has been leveled and cleared of brush which has made
the fire chief
very happy. Since camping in the forest is illegal, the police chief now has a
place to
which he can encourage illegal campers to move. The property owner is very
happy with
the cleanliness and organization and enjoys dropping in to have a chat with the

inhabitants every week or so. Now, we are busy preparing for winter.
Since the rotating shelter program will be operational again this
winter, not all of
our homeless will remain at the Haven during the cold season. However, some
will, and
we must provide protection for them from the elements. The following
have been or are being implemented as I write.
1. Wood chips have been spread around all the tents to keep down the
dust and
2. Plastic tarps have been issued to all tent owners to cover their
tents since most
     tents are not waterproof.
Four portable toilets and a wash station are provided and emptied
4. A three cubic yard dumpster is emptied twice a week.
5. Floodlights now illuminate the toilet area and parking lot and
floodlights for
reading in the common area are now in service.
6. Twelve electrical outlets are now available for charging cell
phones and using
Small size gravel has been spread in the common area to reduce
      8. A fire pit has been installed in the
center of the common area for warmth and
comfort on cold nights.
      9. Four hundred square feet of overhead plastic cover the common
10. Four picnic tables and many chair have been provided.
11.  A fire
protection water hose is now connected and available.
12.  A potable
water filtration system has been installed.
13.  Showers are
available at the CRC a short distance away.
14.  The Faith
Program provides lunch every day.
      15. Dinner is available every evening at the Upper Room, a short
walk up
      16. A 24′ x 36′ concrete slab and permanent overhead structure
will be added
when the funds are available.

At 7 PM on Monday the 15th, the city held
a town hall style meeting in the
city hall building to provide a platform for everyone to share their opinions
of the
existence of HangTown Haven in our community. Vice Major Wendy Mattson and the

City Manager Cleve Morris, lead the discussion providing an
opportunity for all to
be heard.
Everyone connected with HangTown Haven agrees that it has been a
success. We have learned a lot and have made the area as winter-proof as
possible with

the funds available. It was interesting to hear the public’s reaction;
Our long-term. goal .is to build a more permanent structure over a
concrete slab with
additional electric service and heat in the common area building. While we are
accomplishing those goals, we will begin building individual mini-shelters for
people to
live. Tents are a temporary solution. Shelter designs are being developed as
you read this.
Our ninety-day trial period is up next week and we look forward to
negotiating a long-
term lease with the landowner. We continue to work with the city to verify that
we are
meeting all code requirements. All signs are “go”, as we aim toward
successful long-term
help for our community’s homeless. However, none of this would have been
without your gift. The homeless and HangTown Haven volunteers send you their
thanks for making a safe, clean, friendly place and new life available for
them. To this I
add my own appreciation.
Thank you very much.Your continued support and donations are welcome and vital.

Art Edwards, President
HangTown Haven, Inc.
non-profit corporation,
PO Box 89,