HangTown Haven Closure

Friends and Supporters of HangTown Haven;

City Manager is to make the following suggestion at the 7:00 p.m.,Tuesday, Oct. 23rd Town Hall meeting building (across the street from the Mexican restaurant just above the Placerville Court house); that HangTown Haven should be shut down for the winter, citing safety reasons.
Safety reason #1: There are to many people walking along upper Broadway from HangTown Haven and the Community Resource Center.
Response: Guests from HangTown Haven will not be walking along Upper Broadway to get to the CRC. The guests at HangTown Haven will use a “back route” that does not include walking on Upper Broadway.
Safety reason #2; It is cold in the winter, especially at that location.
The homeless persons of Placerville have been camping in tents during
the winter, including in that location, for the 8 years that I have been
involved with the homeless population of Placerville. Since the Nomadic
Shelter has been in operation and before that, when United Outreach
hosted the homeless, we experienced that some nights we would have 15
persons and on other nights we had 60+. Why the difference?
Some persons did not want to stay at the  Winter Shelter. The churches
try their very best to take care of those, the citizens of the City that
The City may care for but don’t provide for; but they can’t handle 60-80 persons every night for 4-5 months.
Every homeless person who has been found frozen to death during the winter was found in isolated, hidden places. Not in any community that takes care of one another such as HangTown Haven.
each of you who receive this message, send an e-mail to each of the
following and/or phone these city council members, asking for them to
listen to those who have experience with the homeless community, have a
knowledge of what homelessness challenges are. and have experienced being homeless during the winter months.
Mark Acuna Mayor … markacuna1@mindspring.com  ….
Wendy Mattson Vice Mayor …..  wmattson@sonic.net ……
Carl Hagan Council Member …. carlhagen.councilman@gmail.com
Patty Borelli Council Member …. prefers a phone call …. 530-622-5253
Cleve Morris City Manager ……. cmorris@cityofplacerville.org
Please, I pray, send an e-mail to the above address and if you can, attend the City Hall meeting on Tuesday at 7:00 PM
Ron Sachs 😉
Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)