Homeless Issues #51

Your opportunity to help out at HangTown Haven

As winter
approaches, it is apparent that the operation of the Haven needs additional support
from the volunteer community. There are times during the middle of the day when
extra help is needed to coordinate and supervise the lives of the homeless
people living there. Responsible and experienced homeless residents are often
gone during the daytime aiding at CRC, searching for jobs or running errands in
downtown. As a result, there have been periods when no responsible person is
available to coordinate activities at the site.
we are putting out a call to all churches, supportive non-profits and other
individuals to provide volunteers to help us keep Hangtown Haven running
smoothly. The volunteer could be a man or a woman, or both working together on
a shift. These volunteers would do the following:
1)      Be on site three hours a day, either from 9:30
AM to 12:30 PM, or 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM.
2)    The shifts would be five days a week, and not on
the week ends.
Hopefully, if we can get ten volunteers, it
would mean one three-hour shift per week. If we can get ten volunteers,
would mean one three-hour shift every other week.
A tent and a propane heater will be provided to
supplement the fire pit for warmth.
5)    Most of the shift would be taken up with reading
or talking with the homeless on-site, whichever he or she prefers.
6)     The responsibilities of the volunteers while on-site would include the following:
a. Check in new residents from CRC and help them
fill out their transfer slip, liability release and list of rules.
     They would
then insure that these documents were properly stored in each person’s file.
b.   Maintain the site census based on new arrivals
and departures.
c.   Maintain the site cell phone to use for
emergencies and local communication.
Coordinate with on site council members on
general issues on site.
Insure that the parking lot is clear when toilet
cleaning, delivery or refuse removal trucks are due.
f.      Coordinate with law enforcement, mental health
or parole officers when they arrive.
Call the police, ambulances or other emergency
vehicles when needed.
h.   Contact Hangtown Haven board member when appropriate.
contact Ron Sachs, Shirley Edwards or Janis Carney if you are interested in
helping the homeless at Hangtown Haven.
Thank You.
Edwards, President
Maggard has a ministry building disability ramps for persons who need a
ramp to replace steps. If you know of someone who is in need of a ramp
but can’t afford one, contact Don at   … donnymagg@hotmail.com …..
or ..530-306-0703.

Ron Sachs 😉
Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)