Homeless Issues & HTHI #52

You were asking. What happened to our mentally challenged 61 year old homeless man.

This continues to be a very sad story.

We, HangTown Haven Inc. were told to take our mentally challenged 61 year old homeless man to another, non-profit, organization, and they would handle him from then on. That organization closes at 2:00PM every day and is not open on Saturday and Sunday. our mentally challenged 61 year old homeless man is left to fend for himself when, (remember that he can’t take care of himself, little to no control of his body functions, not capable of making decisions) he leaves at 2:00PM until 6:30PM when the transportation to the Nomadic Shelter leaves. Also at issues was the very long Holiday weekend past, when the service was closed.

On Tuesday late afternoon our mentally challenged 61 year old homeless man was found on the ground, soaked in his urine, drunk, and unable to get up. Police were called and he was transported to Marshall Hospital. I pray that this time, the Hospital, and the Mental Health community will take care of him. I did not see him around the usual places on Wednesday morning or at noon time.

Where is our humanity??

I told you about the meeting/gathering of the many organizations that represent the mentally challenged members of El Dorado County. Persons or organizations wanted the City to fire me after that report came out. I never heard about the follow-up meeting that was to organize some response or protocol for caring for such a person. I was advised not to be critical of the city. Thus, the City government has been taken off of this newsletter’s mailing list.

Am I outraged? You bet I am. And you should be also.

This could be one of your family members, or a family member of one of your friends.

Now good news. HangTown Haven Inc. has initiated Volunteer Coordinators to be on hand at HangTown Haven, in an warm, dry, office, thanks to Janis and Tom Carney, to facilitate record keeping, assist the Community Council in making decisions, and assisting in whatever comes up. This is an opportunity to experience another way of life that you might not be fully aware of. It is very safe and we have responsible members of the Community Council
to help you. And yes we want to have more volunteers working the three hour shifts, so that it is not a strain on anyone. If you can spare just three hours a day, contact our head coordinator, Mr. Don Rake ……. don.rake@yahoo.com …..
and he will set you up and he or I will fill you in on what we do. Now doesn’t that sound like fun?????

HangTown Haven Inc. is running smoothly, is clean, safe and happy now that the “trouble makers” have been removed. We do not allow “trouble makers” to mess it up. We have rules that are vigorously enforced.
If one cannot follow the rules and respect others around them, they are told to leave. If they break the law, we phone the police, and press charges if need be.

Many peoples want to help those at HangTown Haven, but we must ask you not to leave off clothing at HangTown Haven. We suggest that Foothills UMC in Rescue or Green Valley Community Church will make sure those clothes are available to the Homeless population of Placerville. HangTown Haven has no use for children’s clothing or women’s dresses, or other than sturdy shoes.

If this “Homeless Issues” is new to you, go to our web site below and you will be able to bring up the other 51 issues. 😉

Ron Sachs 😉

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