Homeless Issues #53

The Volunteer

We do not for fame or fortune,

The exhilarating feeling of success, the accomplishment felt
No one knows the feeling, how can you begin to explain?
The roads not paved, the jungle uncharted,
We welcome the challenge open hearted.
The worries, the stress, even the second guess
Sometimes, even the bite in the ass!
We do because we care.
The hours go by, time does pass
But we will not stop just because they are “bottom class”
We will argue, we will fight, all for what’s right,
To help those so they will not sleep on the street tonight
The hours are long, the people are rough,
But we will never say “that’s enough”
For those we help are grateful, the others are just hateful
Maybe one day soon they will change their tune
For those who hate it is never too late
Walk through the door as if an open gate
You will never be told you must wait
There may be a lot on your plate, But it’s never too late!
We just need you to walk through that GATE.


By Larry Allum, Hangtown Haven  guest/resident and volunteer
HangTown Haven Inc. and the guests that live there are grateful for all of the donations that are being made. F.A.I.T.H., the ministry that
provides lunch every day and The Upper Room that provides meals in the evening, pretty much fill the needs for food at HangTown Haven
. We are sorry to say that much of the food that is brought to HangTown Haven as a donation is given away when we can find someone to take it.
The Upper Room has asked us not to send any more food donated to HangTown Haven, to them
. We suggest, if you want to donate food to help feed the homeless population and under-served of ED County, that you contact Dee Hook of F.A.I.T.H. at — 916-201-4619 or 916-941-9541— or donate to SHARE
through most churches.
Our homeless population is well fed if
they follow the schedules and cooperate with those who prepare and
provide the food for them. Again, we want to thank you for your efforts and concerns.
During these winter months, the community fire is going all day and all night as HangTown Haven is open all day and does not close in the afternoon, providing a warm safe place for those who cooperate with our rules and regulations. SOOOoooo we are always in need of fire wood to burn in our protected common area. If you can donate fire wood, that would be greatly appreciated..
Ron Sachs 😉

Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)