Homeless Issues #54

I have to clear up a misconception.
“Homeless Issues” is not a spokesperson or newsletter of HangTown Haven
Inc.. “Homeless Issues” is purely a newsletter reporting on issues
affecting the homeless population.
“Homeless Issues” has been
running for over eight years now. HangTown
Haven is a “new entity” in the homeless community of El Dorado County.
“Homeless Issues” has brought up unpopular, to some organizations,
revelations, regarding the people who want to help those in our
community that have the least.as well as those who don’t.  I heard that I
“should be fired” from
something that I was never hired for, because of my reporting the facts
that homeless, mentally challenged, and just plain lost people, need
help from our County and municipal governments.

Case in point:
My story regarding a person I called “Jordon,” 62, mentally challenged,
and in need of help. What was available through county, city, and
non-profits for the mentally challenged person was zero. A private
citizen, Laurie Marchant and a homeless guest living in a tent, Larry
Alluman, worked hard to place “Jordon” in an assisted living facility
where he is now doing great–interacting and smiling. This is in-spite
of the inaction of the groups within ED County who are charged to
protect and assist those citizens with mental issues and within their
spheres of influence.

The city of Placerville, with a very big
shove and persistence of Wendy Mattson and Cleve Morris, pulled off a
monumental and historical achievement in bringing
HangTown Haven to life. I have found that they took on a very big controversial subject and prevailed in accomplishing “the right thing to do.” God bless you guys.

The homeless have “weathered” the storms this winter well. The folks that help out in the Winter Shelter Program should all be congratulated for the work that they do.
Those who are homeless and do not want to go by the rules that apply
while they are in the churches, still find a place to curl up.

The official reply from Mercy Way Rescue is as followes;
“Mercy Way Rescue –
Mission, Church & Sanctuary would like
to thank the Placerville City Council for approving our Conditional Use
Permit.  We are excited to be able to move forward with our
leadership team to implement the city requirements and to begin making the
building improvements.  We also look forward to continuing to be able
to participate in the Winter Nomadic Shelter.

Way Rescue-Mission’s part in the Nomadic Shelter and other services is
not only grand but so necessary that the Shelter program would come to a
stop. Again the city council of the city of Placerville prevailed in accomplishing “the right thing to do.” We thank you.

The CRC is doing their part in staying open on Saturday during the winter months. Good job guys!

old business, I would ask if any progress has been made in getting the
County Government involved in helping to finance HangTown Haven, or
establishing a County funded “Haven” for our county cousins who are not
allowed to stay at HangTown Haven because they have never been
citizens of the city of Placerville? I know that
HangTown Haven has more space for those who are from EL Dorado County
but not from Placerville city. Come on County and get the backbone that is prevalent in Placerville City. And city, open your door to others from our County.

The $34,123.93 donated to start-up and maintain HangTown Haven in 2012
came from 56 individuals and/or organizations, Of those 56, only16 came
from persons who live within the city of Placerville. 0 donations came from either Placerville City or
El Dorado County governments.
WE do have to thank the city for the Special Use permits though.

really unsung hero in service to those who have the least in the areas
of our county that we seldom hear about, should be congratulated and
“Held on High.” I submit for this honor: Pioneer Bible Church, out in Somerset/Mt Aukum in the south county. They have twice a week gatherings distributing clothing and food. Thank you and God bless all of you there.

This is only from the observations of, and opinions of;

Ron Sachs 😉

Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)