Homeless Issue Hacked

Friends; Yep, Homeless Issues was Hacked last Wednesday. All has been reported to Yahoo security. All 630 address were wiped out.

SOOOOOoooooo, You are the first 357 to receive this notification,
out of the 630 address’, that
I have been able put back in. I only have 300 more
to go.
NO! I am not in the Philippians, correctly, JSS could use the $1,600.00, but not to “set me free.” I pray that no-one
sent any

Issues will be sending out this letter to the remaining 300 people.
Then I pray that a regular issue of Homeless Issues will be forth coming
with great news about

HangTown Haven, CRC, Nomadic Shelter, Mercy Way Rescue, JSS, and the
other providers of services to the homeless population of El Dorado