Homeless Issues #57

Yes, we are back.Homeless Issues was
knocked out completely
; lost everything in the way of contacts. If you know of anyone who is not getting this latest issue of Homeless Issues, please pass on their e-mail address to me.

HangTown Haven has initiated their own recovery support program/system and now holds regular meetings on Mondays. Those persons who are required to attend a recovery program as a condition of staying at HangTown Haven, still have to attend those required meetings held by others. This “home grown” support system is run by those staying at HangTown Haven themselves. We all support their desire to recover from whatever addiction they are now struggling with. Your support is also welcomed.

We can be proud of the people who have stayed at HangTown Haven who have progressed into a state of stability, found jobs, volunteer with service providers such as the CRC, Mercy Way Rescue, Green Valley CC, JSS and
others. They are contributors to our community. Not takers! 66 persons, plus the 27 guests we have now, a total of 93 persons, have stayed at HangTown Haven since it opened.

Rumors and negativity abound in the homeless population. HangTown Haven, as in all places where people stay, hotels, motels, aunt Lucy’s, etc., cannot control what people do within their enclosed space; and they cannot be monitored. HangTown Haven does not allow any drug or alcohol usage on site. When someone is caught breaking the rules, they are witnessed by more than one CC member, written up, and are discharged from HangTown Haven. What they do off the HangTown Haven property is out of HTHI control and becomes a city police matter. Is it possible that someone staying at HTHI is selling something illegal off the property? Yes, very possible, the same as staying in a hotel, motel or aunt Lucy’s house. We are not naive; sure some might have gotten past us, but they will be discovered and “kicked out”. 27 persons have been ask to leave because of not following the
rules set down. As of 4/12/13, there are 26 guests
staying at HangTown Haven and following the rules.

All of the non-profit organizations are in need of financial support. Please do what you can.
The Community Resource Center  just submitted a
business wish to Intuit’s Small Business Growing Strong campaign.
granting wishes worth up to $5,000 this spring, and the CRC could be one of
How can you help? If you’d like to support the Community Resource Center
in Placerville, vote for our wish to
come true and spread the word at: http://bit.ly/16zmtGu.You can vote every day for as long as this opportunity is available.

JSS has provided 127 sleeping bags, 146 tents, 56 tarps, in one year between April 2012 and April 2013 to our homeless population. And  April is not over yet! And thousands of socks and rolls of toilet paper.

Homeless Issues are a collection of observation and opinions of Ron Sachs.

Ron Sachs 😉
Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)