Homeless Issues #59

The Jeep van is going great. Thanks to Jeff Wilson, a highly certified
automobile technician at Main Street Auto Repair on Main St. in
Placerville. All we are responsible for will be for the cost of parts. Thank you, Jeff and Main Street Auto!!!!!!!!! We love ya!

We now have a date on the Board of Supervisor’s agenda.
As the saying goes, we have been agendized. The date is Tuesday, July
. On that
day, our proposal to lease the property on Perks Court for a homeless
shelter will come before them for a vote. We need all our friends there
to support and hopefully speak for us.

Hope to see you there.              Check the web site at:        www.hangtownhaven.org

JSS is returning to it’s roots.
JSS associates, John Dutton and Tony Ruiz, are visiting our homeless
population twice a week. Wednesday and Friday, going to the Hangtown
Motel, the Hangtown Haven, and other facilities that serve the homeless
population and “those who have the least.” Also JSS is distributing our
tents, sleeping bags,tarps, socks, toilet paper on Monday, 10:00 AM
until 12:00 Noon at Mercy Way Rescue on upper Broadway.

Ron Sachs 😉