Homeless Issues #60


HangTown Haven Info.

Remember the date on the Board of Supervisor’s agenda.  As the saying goes, we have been agendized. The date is set for Tuesday, July 23. On that day, Hangtown Haven’s proposal to lease the property on Perks Court for a homeless shelter will come before the Board for a vote. I am not sure what item on the agenda that will be;  call the BOS around 7/18 to find out, but it will be worth the effort to spend the day if necessary to support and prayerfully speak up for Hangtown Haven, and what it does for the citizens of El Dorado County.

Visit the web site at www.hangtownhaven.org and catch up with all that is going on there. Click on the spot that says “send a letter of support to the Board of Supervisors,” you will find a suggested letter to send.  Frank Matous, a guest at Hangtown Haven, is doing a great job as the “Web Master” for Hangtown Haven Inc. You might want to hire Frank to do one for you. Contact him fmatous@gmail.com.

Job’s Shelters of the Sierra Info.

With your financial support and encouragement we have given the homeless in El Dorado County a tent, a sleeping bag, and a tarp. For the winter season of 2012-13 we distributed about 214 bags and/or tents. JSS is also known for, and very much appreciated by, our homeless population for our distribution of clean socks, the very much needed toilet paper, hygiene supplies for both the female and the male homeless population, and clothing. You can visit the website at www.jobsshelters.org. Want to donate now? Click here.

Thank you for helping provide these basic necessities. Through our partnership with Mercy Way and by driving to the gathering places of our homeless population, every week JSS volunteers distribute tents, bags, tarps and other necessities to those in need.


Winter Nomadic Shelter CDs and tri-fold information brochures are available from Green Valley CC office, for your use in recruiting volunteers in your church and/or organization to help out this winter. Remember, your church does not have to host a night, but there is a great need for help at the host churches. These are well-done productions.

As a personal update, I have been heavily involved with the formation of Hangtown Haven, our community’s successful answer to homelessness. My work at Hangtown Haven, as Vice President and Head of Operations, requires that I split my time between HTHI and JSS. However, JSS’s principal work of supplying basic necessities to homeless people continues each week as Tony Ruiz and John Dutton join me in delivering necessities and kindness.

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