Homeless Issues #61

Homeless Issues #61

 NAMI report(Nat.All.On Mental Illness)

 Homelessness is a tragedy that to defeat takes many hands. One such is Maureen Focht, president of NAMI, who wrote: On July 24, there was a meeting for public input on future mental health funding for our county. A BIG Thank You to Laurie, Becky, Ken, James, Liz, and Art Edwards for attending this meeting along with myself. Everyone had an opportunity to comment on many new proposed programs, including a licensed mental health clinician who would provide outreach to those in the homeless community who have mental health issues. We all made it very clear it was a necessity for this type of help from the mental health department. The presence of those mentioned above and their input is very important to the mental health department, because they are required to gather this public input. And, usually, very few people attend these meetings.

There will be additional opportunities in the near future for more public input, and we must try to take advantage of those. It’s the old adage “the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Starting Aug.5, 1:30pm, I will be facilitating a new Support group for women at Hangtown Haven. Rebecca (Becky) Nylander informed me that this would be very helpful, so I am happy to try to help. I hope the women in the camp will come out to help each other, find the strength and courage for each of them to make their future what they would like it to be. It will take place every two weeks. After visiting the camp the other day, I was amazed how organized everything is, and am happy it is a clean and sober place.


Hangtown Haven Connection with NAMI

Another partner in combating homelessness is Rebecca Nylander who speaking of her work with Maureen and NAMI in Hangtown Haven said, Hangtown Haven has partnered, through Rebecca (Becky) Nylander, with Maureen Focht the President of the El Dorado County Chapter of NAMI. We started this partnership by teaming up at the MHSA (Mental Health Services Act) budget meeting in Julywhere we both made a very strong argument for the need of a qualified outreach team with a specific emphasis on the homeless community. We have gotten some positive response and movement from Mental Health in that direction. Our next endeavor was to start a bi-monthly support group with the women at HTHI. The result of our first session being an 80% attendance. The ladies were very excited and look forward to our next sessions. HTHI has also been working on creating a bridge to both Mental Health and Social Services which is a key component necessary to facilitate access to these resources by the homeless community.


Support The Move to Hangtown Haven West


Diana Rake, one of our homelessness advocates, asked that all “be supportive of the homeless population in EI Dorado County by voting yes on the proposal to move Hangtown Haven to Perks Court. The approximately 40 men and women at Hangtown Haven follow strict rules in a safe environment. If the proposal is not approved, I’m very concerned that these 40 people may have no choice other than to live on the streets of EI Dorado County.” The La Force family, longtime supporters of the homeless, responded, “The La Force family requests you, our lawmakers, to support the proposal to move Hangtown Haven to Perks Court. Homelessness is a complex issue and Hangtown Haven has proven to be a safe, dignified and reasonable part of the solution.”

It’s Your Turn: Please send your response to each of the County Supervisors:  bosone@edcgov.us; bostwo@edcgov.usbosthree@edcgov.usbosfour@edcgov.us; bosfive@edcgov.us; Also, please visit the Hangtown Haven website, www.hangtownhaven.org


Job’s Shelters of the Sierra Info.


We have had good results from our new adventure into this form of a Newsletter. We have found that some of you open this newsletter, or the letter is viewed many times again and again. 12, 10, 8, 8, 7—– times from one mailing to one address. This is great, and we want you to spread it around. Thank you for spreading the word. The JSS family of volunteers has grown and their services have also grown. JSS is working with Mercy Way Rescue that allows JSS to use their building for tent and bag distribution, along with socks and toilet paper on Mondays. Staffed by JSS volunteers, Kenney, Becky, and James. Tony Ruiz and his wife visit the encampments on Wednesdays and John Dutton comes along on Fridays, all attempting to do what JSS does. Provide the necessities of life among the homeless in our community. And importantly ………….. KINDNESS.


Please visit the JSS web site …..www.jobsshelters.org.Donations can be made by clicking here.


The Winter Nomadic Shelter program is now forming in or around your church. Get involved. Contact CyndySalmon@Yahoo.com

How are you going to feel when on those cold, raining nights arrive, and you know there are people who need shelter, and you are not helping in any way. How are you going to feel?