Homeless Issues Special Update

Homeless Issues Special Update

September 11 Board Of Supervisors Hearing:

It was a great experience for all of us …………… because …………. All persons recognized that El Dorado County has a problem and Hangtown Haven is one solution to that problem. There was virtually no opposition to Hangtown Haven and its operation. The problem was its location at Perks Court.

The County staff will begin to search the county lands to find a better place to put Hangtown Haven. The County has taken an interest, and now an effort, in getting a little corner of our world to place Hangtown Haven.

We were assured by the Mayor of Placerville that we would not be kicked out of our present location until a suitable place to put Hangtown Haven is found. Praise Wendy!

One observation was that many of the people did not know, or understand, what Homelessness is, and that it consumed 24 hours a day every day of the week for a homeless person. Knowledge of what homelessness is, and who the homeless are, and the differences within the homeless community, is little understood by the overall community. That is the biggest job we all have. We have to educate others.

Hangtown Haven Inc. Is not going away!!!!

It is with great regret that Jobs Shelters of the Sierra has been asked to leave Mercy Way Rescue Church, where JSS has been doing their tent, sleeping bag, and tarp distribution. We pray that MWR will continue to prosper.

The Winter Nomadic Shelter program is now forming in or around your church. Get involved. Contact CyndySalmon@Yahoo.com

How are you going to feel when on those cold, raining nights arrive, and you know there are people who need shelter, and you are not helping in any way.

How are you going to feel?


Please visit the JSS web site …..www.jobsshelters.org.Donations can be made by clicking here.