Homeless Issues #66 and Gift Opportunity

Homeless Issues #66 and Gift Opportunity

The poet Stanislaw Lec said “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.”

Our pews, club chairs, assembly halls are filled with those “pure snowflakes” that never feel responsible for the avalanche of disregard to those in our communities that have the very least.

May I remind all of you to keep in mind: What faith group, government, or private entity will accept, every night, persons who are developmentally challenged, chemically challenged, mentally challenged, continually enabled in their anti-social behavior, and just out of a prison environment, as well as a few who are “just out of work”????That would be YOU.. How many of you are equipped to deal with all of those issues? Our pews, chairs, supervisors’ chambers, city council chambers, faith centers are full of those who know “how it should be.”  Reality says “It aint so.”

Do we have to be cautious? Yes! We have volunteers and environments to protect. Do we need to enable bad behavior? No. But we are the only ones who are willing to take on the job that those who are elected, and have the most votes, do little to nothing for. Mistakes, sub-equipped buildings, etc. is what we have to work with. Make it work!

Pattie’s Thoughts:  Life After the Closing of Hangtown Haven

Life following the closure has been more challenging for some than for others. Those who were firmly headed in the right direction have continued to benefit from their momentum and from the outpouring of support from our volunteers and church family.

Three out the four Community Council members were taken in by volunteers who graciously opened their homes for them. One of the Community Council members was able to move in with a close friend.

There were four people who actually detoxed or got clean during their time at HTH. They are still clean and sober and doing well. Some have gone on to permanent housing and one has returned to work for a former employer, he continues to use the shelters at this time.

On average between six and ten HTH people utilize the shelter at this time. That number is expected to increase to between fifteen and twenty as the weather gets colder. The over crowded conditions make the shelter a challenge for many. With the shelter already reaching maximum capacity these anxieties will only worsen.

There was a group of about five people who unfortunately backslid. Without the support they needed to maintain their sobriety they have not managed to do very well.

All in all about a third got stable housing, a third are using the shelter and a third are out in the woods somewhere mostly out of touch.


Please, someone make sense of this!

The City of Placerville shuts down Hangtown Haven and puts 30+ persons on the street with no place to go. The attitude seems to be to let the faith centers take care of our problems. Then the City of Placerville enacts ordinances – ordinances that were supported by the full Council – that defeat the very policies of openness and tolerance they so beautifully once exampled. Is the season of Christmas being lost to “money at all cost” politics? Let’s hope and pray not.

As you and your family celebrate the Christmas season please remember those, who like our Savior, are without home.

JSS is in dire need for sox to distribute. Cotton, men’s size and style, new or washed used will be greatly appreciated.

Great Gift Opportunity from Job’s Shelters


Joe’s Home
“Malibu Joe” was part of the Malibu community for many years. He was a homeless man, who lived in a parking lot where he was surrounded by all his worldly possessions: plastic tarps to keep dry, a plastic bottle of water, ice chests for food, a tattered hat and overcoat and a pipe in the corner of his mouth. He wasn’t a pest or a drinker, but loved by the people of Malibu. The little store gave him out-dated food and over ripe fruit. He wouldn’t take hand-outs, but people left things for him. He got some things out of the dumpster.

Louise Nelson, a local artist has undertaken the project of using prints of her award-winning painting of Malibu Joe, to raise funds to help homeless and needy people.

The prints are numbered and signed by the artist, with a certificate of authenticity. 20” X 24”; ready to frame. Bids of over $75.00 will be accepted. We have only 2 prints. Contact Ron at the below e-mail address with your bid, name, address, and telephone number. I’ll bring the picture to your address if possible.

Please visit the JSS web site …..www.jobsshelters.org.

Donations can be made by clicking here.