Homeless Issues #70

Homeless Issues #70

On a recent Monday I met with Frank and the Cold Springs CC group that deliver food at noontime, and a JSS group from Foothills UMC distributing clothing, socks, hygiene supplies, and other necessities of homeless living. I saw a friend that made me step back, then, shake hands, then hug him.

When I last saw and talked to him at any length, at Hangtown Haven, he was in clean clothing, his beard was groomed, he was shaven, and had a smile on his face in spite of suffering from Diabetes, with very sore feet, always wrapped in bandage, that haunted him with every step he took.

He was always reserved, wanting to help whenever he could, and always a smile on his face. This Monday, I wanted to hate those who shut down Hangtown Haven. I wanted to throw those who showed their hate for homeless persons at the Placerville Town Hall meeting, into his shoes.

I still feel challenged by that hate of those people. My friend was dirty, not showered since the Winter Shelter closed down, his ungroomed face was a mess, and he held his face down. He does not “drink,” did not inherit any prestige, wealth, entitlement, he is just like many of us who struggle through life. When he looked up at me, he said “how are you doing Ron?” Though I’ve seen a lot, still, I had to hold back tears.

He is just one of many in El Dorado County. Yes, yes, I want the City Council and each member of the Board of Supervisors, to be in his shoes. Should I pray for that to happen? For them to open their eyes? That they will remember their moral obligation while forgetting any sense of entitlement?

“Men are not punished for their sins, but by them.”
Elbert Hubbard


A Note from the Community Resource Center

After 4 years of trying to keep a roof over our head, we’ve decided to redirect our limited resources to housing families.

We’re trying a new approach to providing services to people in need by closing our physical site; and in this way, we can attempt to house more people.

We’re going completely mobile!  Join us in this effort as we passionately advocate for the homeless, needy and under-represented members of our community. Please join us at our upcoming Spring Event.

Saturday, May 24th; 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm; The Vets Hall, 130 Placerville Dr. PL.

FOR INFORMATION OR TICKETS, CALL 408-460-2061 or go online at www.edcrc.org


Mercy Way Rescue Mission on upper Broadway, is providing gatherings for Alcoholics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, Bible study, Fellowship, Music, and other services to the homeless community on a scheduled bases. Contact them at 530-748-3510 for information.

Jerry Kaufman reminded us that he and Jerry Lynch, working through Pastor Mike Parr at Mercy Way Rescue Church, have formed “The Mercy Way Rescue Community Volunteers.” Our hope is to solve some of the complaints that our city and community have against our homeless friends. One major problem is litter in areas of our community like Upper Broadway and the homeless campsites in the hills. We are working with other churches, business’s, and other organizations to seek donations of needed items, donated money to buy needed items, and volunteers to join us.

We plan to work on different projects and work sites on every first Saturday of each month and every second Monday of each month, weather permitting. Our first project will be this Monday morning, May 12th. We will be meeting for a brief meeting at 7:30 AM in front of Mercy Way Rescue Church and get started by 8 AM to pick up all roadside litter and debris on Upper Broadway starting at Schnell School Road and working back towards and ending at The Upper Room Dining Hall.

We welcome any and all volunteers that wish to help and participate this Monday, May 12th and with all future projects. We also welcome any donated needed items or cash/check donations to purchase needed items. The following is a wish list of needed items for our future projects:


The county has appointed a select committee of twenty people knowledgeable in homelessness, this after 5 months of nothingness, to identify the problem and offer  a proposal on how to deal with the homeless issues here in our county. It is an impressive group of men and women, but we shall see if they can overcome the two blocks that have prevented success in the past, politics and finances.


JSS (Job’s Shelter of the Sierra) needs colored “T” shirts, boxer shorts (not necessarily new), socks (not necessarily new), pants (short and long), batteries (necessarily new), toilet paper (necessarily new), and denotations of money to purchase some necessities and pay our rent.  You can drop them off at Foothills UMC at 3301 Green Valley Rd. Cameron Park/Rescue. Just off Cameron Park Dr. Our Storage Unit rent has gone up 20% and we have to meet that increase. It is located in Diamond Springs, close to our operations. I will come by any church or organization and pick up what you have accumulated for distribution by JSS.

Please visit the JSS web site …..www.jobsshelters.org.

Donations can be made by clicking here.