Homeless Issues #74

Nomadic Shelter

Homeless Issue #74

The gatherings are taking place to discuss the Nomadic Shelter for the 2014-2015 seasons. Who, What, Where and How, are the main topics. So far Foothills UMC will host Monday; Tuesday is open; Wednesday, Cold Springs CC; Thursday, Solid Rock Foundation; Friday, Green Valley CC; and 3rd and 5th Saturdays at Federated Church, with 1st, 2nd, and 4th open, and Sunday night  is open. Transportation is the largest question with a possibility, and only a possibility, of a donated “Trolley” bus from ED Transit. Who will register a bus? Who will assume all responsibilities of the bus? ETC. Since “The Nomadic Shelter” is not an organization as such, HTHI, a corporation and a 501 C 3 non-profit, will collect monies for the Nomadic Shelter and handle finances for them. If you wish to make a donation to the Nomadic Shelter, please send it to:

Nomadic Shelter
c/o  HTHI
P.O. Box89
Placerville, Ca. 95667

And on the Memo Line on the check, write “Nomadic Shelter”

All interested parties who could handle groups of about 40 to 50 persons during the rain/sleet evenings, and about 30ish persons during cool to cold nights, can get information from Paula Lee @ 916-225-9631. The Nomadic Shelter will provide mats, blankets, transportation, and advice. You would provide caring, understanding, and a little of your time one night a week for those who have the least.

The CRC Is Still Active

The Community Resource Center has taken on a new persona. They are hosting a “Wine Tasting Event” on September 13th at Blue Shield of California, 4203 Town Center Blvd., El Dorado Hills. Go to www.edcrc.org for information and tickets.



Feeding And Inspiring The Homeless organization is continuing their efforts to organize groups, to go to the gathering places of the homeless population and provide lunches every day of the week. They do a great job and deserve our support.



Jobs Shelter of the Sierra also is out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, delivering clothing and all the necessities of living as a homeless person. Mondays are a special day for the homeless women in our community as Jan and Dick have  women’s clothing, hygiene items, as well as some beauty preparations. The teams are: Jan and Dick, Mondays; Tony and Kathy, Wednesday; and John and  Marty on Friday; Ron is running around all during the week with special requests, meetings, and keeping in touch with those who have the least in our community. JSS keeps busy.


ED Food Bank

The Food Bank of El Dorado County is the largest collaborative charity in El Dorado County as we work with more than 35 Partner Charities that distribute food throughout El Dorado County. These partner agencies range from live-in treatment facilities, after school programs, underprivileged youth programs, soup kitchens, women centers, local food pantries, senior programs, to numerous Emergency Food Assistance Program distribution locations.

The food bank provides services throughout all of El Dorado County, from El Dorado Hills to South Lake Tahoe.  The Food Bank provides food to thousands of at-risk people in El Dorado County each and every month through our multiple distribution sites, homebound program, mobile food pantry rural outreach, and free farmer’s market distributions.

The mission of the Food Bank is to provide comprehensive services in collaboration with other hunger-response agencies that will help transform the lives of people in need by: providing nutritious foods, advocating for and participating in various programs, including nutrition education, which will promote self-sufficiency, and educating the general public on local hunger, its causes and consequences.

In short, we aim to prevent hunger and provide hope to our most at risk population in El Dorado County.  For every $1 donated, the Food Bank is able to solicit, procure and warehouse $6 worth of food services.  In 2013, the Food Bank distributed more than 1.8 million pounds of food- that’s equivalent to more than $3.1 Mil worth of food!

Please visit the JSS web site …..www.jobsshelters.org.

Donations can be made by clicking here.