Homeless Issues #78

How JSS Uses Your Donations

Where It All Goes: How JSS Uses Your Donations

JSS is so very blessed by your donations. It is important for you to know that JSS shares your blessings with others who serve the homeless community. JSS primarily serves the single homeless population, so we want to share what we have that is suitable to those who help the women with children and homeless families. HELP House (Housing Emergency Lodging Program) has facilities and provides emergency housing for predominately families. JSS, through a generous donor, had new blankets to be shared as blankets are a scarce item when housing families. CRC (Community Resource Center) houses women with children and also could use some of the new blankets that we had received from our generous donor. Clothing that is not suitable for the “on the street” homeless person, JSS donates these items to the “clothes closet” at Green Valley CC or to the Snowline Thrift Store.
The Odd Fellows in Placerville city, Morning Star #20 I.O.O.F, collected and then gave JSS a lot of useable jackets. As I was told, their name is derived from them forming in this area in the 1800s as an organization that cared for widows and children of the miners and pioneers of the west who had lost their lives. That was considered “Odd” that these rough and hardy men would take care of women and children. And today you and I are sometimes considered Odd that we are helping “those homeless persons” or those “undesirable people.” …………… Be Proud!

JSS/FUMC Nomadic Shelter has rearranged their storage unit in Diamond Springs and found many items that are not useful to our homeless community. We are always asking for donations and are blessed with what we have accumulated over the years. However there are items we do not need or can’t use. The following is a list of what we can’t use:

Keep in mind that homeless persons have to carry everything they own. Items have to be practical. Or they are just extra weight they need to carry. They lack water. They lack storage of unnecessary items.

  • Granola bars (Damaged or lack of teeth.)
  • Shampoo and hair-rinse (Lack of water availability)
  • Small size clothing (Layers of clothing used)
  • Shirts with collars (Homeless do not wear collared shirts)
  • Dresses and skirts. (Not practical, very few exceptions)
  • Dress shirts and pants (Not practical)
  • Bright colored anything. (Not practical, very few exceptions)
  • Blankets and pillows. (Not practical, very few exceptions)

We understandably think what we might want, or what we want them to want, but
“the street” is unforgiving and stark, basic practical items is the norm. “That bright colorful item should cheer anyone up.” That bright item turns dirty and drab within a day or two and then becomes degrading and a burden. With lose of dignity.

County Update: “Theory of Change”

“Theory of Change.” The county committee on evaluating the homeless issues in El Dorado County has met again and is still stalling the issues. This “Three Phase” evaluation is going to take two to three years to complete. Placer County did it all within a year. El Dorado County is again far behind other counties in providing for their homeless citizens.

Again we want to thank all of you for your efforts in providing understanding, in your love for your fellow humans and especially those who have the very least.

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