Homeless Issues #79

The Nomadic Shelter Ends.
God bless those churches and those volunteers who participated and made it happen regardless of the County’s disregard for those persons in our community who can’t “pay the rent” to live in El Dorado County.

We all commend the following churches that gave of themselves to help those in our community who do not have a safe, warm place to sleep during our winter months. Thank you to Green Valley CC, Solid Rock Foundation, Cold Springs CC, Federated Church, Foothills UMC, New Hope Church for 2 nights a month and  Cameron Park Christian and Rolling Hills for 1 night a month.

We also want to thank those who are homeless, yet gave of their time and efforts in assisting the volunteers in managing the Nomadic Shelter in the different shelter locations. They are examples of  the “good citizens” of El Dorado County.
The New Criminals in Placerville City:
Yes about 60 to 80+ in all: Persons who have mental issues and no legal construction to sleep in are now violating ordinances of the city and are now branded as “criminals.”

Foster children recently put out of the Foster Care programs are now criminals if they can’t find a place to sleep in a legal location. They are now acting against ordinances of the city and are now branded as “criminals.” Early releases from prisons are now acting against ordinances of the city and are now branded as “criminals.” Again!

Long time citizens of El Dorado County who, for various reasons are poor ,  without  a “home.” are now violating  ordinances of the city and are now branded as “criminals.”

Physically disabled persons who do not have a home to go into are now acting against ordinances of the city and are now branded as “criminals.”

A tent on public land makes you a criminal, as does a gathering in a “public” park.
And yes, those who abuse alcohol and drugs, the same label. “Christian” El Dorado County is only for the rich and those who can pay the price to live here whether or not you were born here. Those are harsh words, but true.

Job’s Shelter of the Sierra (JSS) Van
will be out each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday stopping where homeless persons can be found, providing the clothing you have donated for them. Practical clean clothing, tooth brushes, clean socks, the all important rolls of toilet paper are provided; and to those with special requests, razors, wipes, adult diapers, etc. are given. JSS in partnership with you is able to provide these items. Churches and organizations who can’t, for some reason, host the homeless during the winter months, can collect donations of clean clothing to be distributed to the “least of these our brothers and sisters.” Money for our Tent/Bag distribution is so very important.

Each Tent/Bag combination cost JSS about $50.00 each. We give out over 100 of these combinations, each year. Each person gets one bag and one tent within a 12 month period. The bookkeeping in itself can get confusing. Contact JSS at the e-mail address below. JSS can’t do it alone. Collected clothing can be dropped off at Foothills UMC, 3301 Green Valley Rd., Rescue/Cameron Park for pick up.

“Theory of Change.” The county committee on evaluating the homeless issues in El Dorado County has met again and is still stalling the issues. This “Three Phase” evaluation is going to take two to three years to complete. Placer County did it all within a year. El Dorado County is again far behind other counties in providing for their homeless citizens. It’s just “Blah, Blah, Blah and no action.

El Dorado County Supervisors, aren’t you ashamed?

Please, three Compassionate Supervisors step up!
“Partners in Care” is ending their relationship with Marshall Hospital and is looking for 5 responsible homeless persons who have some form of income to share the now vacated “Partners in Care” house. Contact Art Edwards @ 530-622-1103
JSS is so very blessed by your donations. It is important for you to know that JSS shares your blessings
Again we want to thank all of you for your efforts in providing understanding, in your love for your fellow humans and especially those who have the very least.

Please visit the JSS web site …..www.jobsshelters.org.
Donations can be made by clicking here. OR Our address: P.O. Box 1389, Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682