Homeless Issues #80

Homeless Issues #80

Yes, $5.7 million for a homeless facility by El Dorado County for single dogs, cats and other four footed animals. Nothing for two legged, single, human animals, related in some way to the County, to persons in the County, or where born in the County. Is something wrong with this picture????

“Be not afraid of being slowly, be afraid of standing still” (Chinese Proverb). 120 different homeless persons used the Nomadic Shelter this past winter. JSS has registered 125 persons who were given a tent and/or a sleeping bag within the last 12 months. JSS supplied over $6,000.00 in tents and bags alone; and not including our other expenses. Yes, we need your help. Please consider our two-legged friends, the homeless population of El Dorado County.

Your support helps persons who are without a place to lay their heads, fill their belly, have wearable, clean clothing, and have a small sense of  being thought of, you have to remember, “A free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular” (Adlai Stevenson). And we are unpopular with county government because we attempt to provide for the citizens who are “the least of these our brethren.”

Around 2009 when Art Edwards was President of  United Outreach, , and El Dorado county turned over Perks Court to United Outreach for service to the homeless population of ED County, JSS was invited to use the unused “storage building” as a place that JSS could store the donations that they were given to distribute to the homeless. A written agreement between JSS and Art Edwards, as President of United Outreach to allow JSS to use that building was executed. JSS refurbished the building, put in electricity, repaired all leaks and made it useable. JSS also was one of the main volunteer organizations that made Perks Court useful. When United Outreach changed its administration, JSS was told to leave. That building has remained unused except as a “dump it all” storage shed to this day. How sad! Over $8,000.00 in storage fees could have gone to serving the homeless population.

Presently, JSS pays $114.00 per month for a 10X15 storage unit. As our donations are not now covering that expense because of “special needs” purchases, post office costs, and what other small administration costs we do have, we need to ask for financial assistance. Our four vans are out every week ministering to our homeless community. 

JSS is so very blessed by your donations. It is important for you to know that JSS shares your blessings

Again we want to thank all of you for your efforts in providing understanding, in your love for your fellow humans and especially those who have the very least.

Please visit the JSS web site: www.jobsshelters.org.

Donations can be made by clicking here. OR Our address: P.O. Box 1389, Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682

Here are some pictures of our great volunteers “doing the stuff” for our homeless.

Dick and Jan Dell
Tony and Kathy Ruiz
John Dutton
Ron Sachs