Homeless Issues: Emergency

Homeless Issues: Emergency

JSS is loosing its storage unit. Storage is essential to serving the homeless. We can not pay rent but are looking for a place to construct a 10X14 foot, lockable, storage unit (or to use one already built) that would be accessible to our van drivers who distribute clothing, etc. to the homeless community three days a week.

We would keep it very clean. All of our drivers are, polite, understanding, and pleasant people (that’s them in the pictures below) and would use the storage only during the daylight hours. We must have the unit constructed and moved into within 30 days; 60 at most. Can you help?

After 9 years of giving, we are now in need of asking for help. Thank you for thinking of us. JSS is so very blessed by your donations. It is important for you to know that JSS shares your blessings

Again we want to thank all of you for your efforts in providing understanding, in your love for your fellow humans and especially those who have the very least.

Please visit the JSS web site: www.jobsshelters.org.

Donations can be made by clicking here. OR Our address: P.O. Box 1389, Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682

Here are some pictures of our great volunteers “doing the stuff” for our homeless.