Homeless Issues #93

      Some of the “Goods” in our community:

The Nomadic Shelter is winding down and we want to thank all of the participants.

The hosting churches:
 Green Valley CC; Colds Springs CC; Federated Church; Solid Rock Foundation; and Foothills UMC.
The supporting churches and groups: Holy Trinity Catholic Church; Rolling Hills CC, especially their 2nd Tuesday group; Christ Like Services, Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS), Hands 4 Hope, and way too many other smaller groups too numerous to mention.
Individuals like
Dr. Deb Prock and the many unknown contributors who support the citizens of our community who have the very least. We have 171 persons who completed and signed our “Shelter Guest Guidelines” and stayed in at least one of the shelter locations. Without you it could not happen.

Our community youth are involved through Hands 4 Hope. Ponderosa High School’s Hands 4 Hope chapter and especially Herbert Green Middle School Hands 4 Hope chapter, who did a complex campaign involving contests between classrooms and awarding prizes to those who collected the most socks. It was very well thought out. Thanks again to the Hands 4 Hope chapter at Herbert Green Middle School. We need more youth participating and learning that there are other lives in our community that they are not familiar with.
Thanks to the El Dorado County Sheriff Dept. and their CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) program that trains deputies how to handle mentally challenged citizens in our community, and NAMI who is a big factor providing for the mentally challenged in our community.

One of the “Bads” in our community:
This from loving persons regarding Elliot.

A couple of reliable sources just informed me that the police dept. is now actively
HARRASSING Elliot in order to get him to leave town.

Elliot is mentally ill, has not ever committed a crime, does not use alcohol or drugs, and is a very sweet person who is very ill. There are merchants on Broadway, where Elliot “hangs out,” as well as others, who look out for Elliot providing clothing and food for him as a KIND/CARING COMMUNITY would do.

Consensus is Police Chief Scott Heller is not a kind or compassionate person, and allegedly, a Sgt. Ron Cannon is doing much of the harassing of Elliot.  I pray that NAMI, and others, along with those who are committed to helping our most unfortunate, will help Elliot and others like him.
Scott Heller has not bought into the CIT, (Crisis Intervention Training) that our sheriffs have very successfully implemented.  Why?  Like it has been stated; he does not care to understand and deal compassionately with our most unfortunate citizens. He would rather just run them out of town.  Is this with the blessing or the cursing of the Placerville City Council? How very, very, COLD!
Elliot needs a lawyer! I have also been told that the police officers have been directed to actively harass Elliot. Fortunately most of the police officers are decent, ethical persons and have resisted the direction to harass a law abiding, mentally- challenged, member of our community, but they fear retaliation. Elliot needs a lawyer! We will provide leads to all that I’ve stated above to any benevolent lawyer who will take Elliot’s freedom to be Elliot, without being harassed, to court.
Donate clothing and/or money to JSS to be distributed to our homeless population. Contact me, Ron Sachs, at
….JobsShelterOrg@Gmail.com ……

I’ll come pick what you have to offer up.