Homeless Issues 111

Only in El Dorado County??

8 men who are right now homeless, but want to be out of the drug/alcohol homeless crowd, have gathered together and set up tents in a National Forest camp ground for the legal number of days, with the supervision of Christ Like Services personal. During the day, they travel into Placerville to find work or attend recovery programs. While they were gone, someone or persons shot up their tents with shotguns. Some of the upstanding citizenry of El Dorado County left their mark on persons working hard to overcome homelessness.

JSS Book “Homeless in the Gold Country”

To all of those who have participated in some way in helping the homeless in our communities, your name or your churches or organizations name, will be found in this publication.


This book is a chronological progression/regression of homelessness in one California County. We speak about the fabled “Gold Country” of 49er fame where Gold and Homelessness runs hand in hand in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of El Dorado County, California.
We have reprinted the newsletters that Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS) has sent to their subscribers since 2009. We also gave a small introduction to homelessness and a brief profile of who are “those people.” We concentrate on the single homeless person. Those persons, who are seen by some as the dredges of the earth, and subhuman, are our subjects.
We introduce you to the different “categories” of homelessness and who they are. At the completion, we suggest what you can do relative to the homeless population.
And more importantly, we depict the struggles that one has to endure to help and bring a semblance of understanding to the City/County governments and their responsibility is to their citizens who have the very least..
The book will retail for $22.50 from Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble.

I plan to offer a signed by the author copy to anyone who donates $35.00 or more to JSS.
For the signed copy, one would send a check made out to JSS, with “Donation” in the Memo line, and send it to JSS/Sachs, 108 Candlelight Ct. Somerset, Ca. 95684. I will send them a signed copy.
JSS book can be shipped on June 1st. We are accepting orders now.



How many homeless persons in El Dorado County?

Glad you asked!
Persons: 82 in So. Lake Tahoe and 316 in the rest of
ED County.
Total 443
Female: 29 %
Male:     71%
Total persons: 156
Veterans: 5
Total homeless persons in all categories is 598
10% of the un-sheltered homeless are over 60 years old.
30% of the un-sheltered homeless are over 50 years old.