Homeless Issue #113

Continuum of Care (CoC)

Continuum of Care (CoC) within the County is designed to promote, community-wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness.  CoC’s provide Federal funding through HUD for efforts by nonprofit providers to re-house homeless individuals and families; promote access to and effect utilization of mainstream resources; and optimize self sufficiency among individuals and families receiving services. 
This link below will take you to the Continuum of Care General Page on HUD’s website. You are also welcome to Google “CoC requirements” or search the web, to learn more. 

Over the last 35 years, federal, state, and community responses to homelessness have changed significantly due to improved studies, better data, and a more accurate understanding of practices that demonstrate high successes. These programs are central to HUD Continuum of Care (CoC). Research suggests that CoCs are not only the most effective in ending homelessness for individuals, they are also the most cost effective. 

El Dorado Opportunity Knocks CoC (EDOK) is working to improve our system response by establishing a Coordinated Entry System. Coordinated Entry ensures easier access to available programs, a standardized assessment to consistently serve individuals, better matching to the most appropriate intervention, and stronger local data to establish a shared vision and understanding for on-going planning. By EDOK ensuring that it fulfills all HUD CoC requirements, launching an effective Coordinated Entry System, and  having improved local data and processes, the CoC can establish a more strategic planning approach and response to the region’s homelessness.  

Daniel Del Monte
Deputy Director of the Community Services Division in the El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA).



  • Ron’s comments

Does the above include our single, homeless, non-addicted population???? There are questions on who does the CoC benefit. Many of our homeless providers do not receive federal funding, or County financial help for that matter. For the very first time, El Dorado County government contributed $10,500.00 to the Nomadic Shelter to shelter the county citizens who are homeless in the winter. That is a start.



What can be done on the West slope of
El Dorado County?

To Wit:

“Tahoe Youth and Family Services.” Provides “Drop In/Resource Centers.” Yes, places for the homeless were they can do/have the bare essentials of human life. A place to go to the bathroom; A place to get a shower; do laundry; obtain hygiene products. “Only Kindness,” a non-profit in Placerville, is open two days a week 11:00 AM to 3:00PM, and for “information Only.” And, thankfully Christ Like Services is open 5 days a week. Placerville, Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills on the west slope have nothing of the sort for the single, homeless individuals who roam our streets. El Dorado County has about 120 homeless persons, from the 600 in the county who are presently not alcoholics, drug addicts, or mentally challenged and are liveing “on the street”  trying to exist humanely.

“Tahoe Youth and Family Services.” They have 52 organizations, banks, state, private, and foundations as well as city government, contributing to their efforts. God bless those who care. Who/What are the 52, or even 25 on the west slope contributing?


Seven nights of cold wet weather lay ahead for the winter months. Four churches have committed to housing one night a week to our homeless population. Does your church or organization, or anyone, including city or county empty buildings, have an empty room we could use for just one night a week for the Nomadic Shelter? Just one night a week!


Casualties of the “Wonderful” Newspaper articles on homelessness.
Our homeless who were set up in the “Manzanita” bush and out of site places, were exposed to property owners by the articles, who then went out and issued the ultimatum, “Leave by next Thursday or get arrested.”

The Sheriff Dept. has been very understanding and helpful to those who have the very least. They are now forced to execute the law and arrest persons who have no money, can’t post bail, and end up in our county facility. Those persons would then be receiving, housing, food, and prayerfully medical and sobering attention. I ask, why not put those persons, who want to go, into a county facility that is more inviting, rewarding, educational, and staffed by volunteers who have the heart to help, encourage, and advocate for a better life than one on the street or in the bushes. Paid “overseers” just don’t have the heart in most cases to take time to understand, then help persons with their problems..

Yes, Ron is dreaming.

Happy Birthday Ron. I’m 83 years old today.
BTW we need X-Large & XX-Large “T” Shirts. We  are out. And have been out. So everyone is in need of a change. We do have plenty of deodorant 😉