Homeless/Rain #1

Nice, warm, dry, bed last night?

Can’t we find some building to shelter our homeless citizens on raining nights of
Tuesdays and Wednesdays?

The Nomadic Shelter will host/supervise the location.
JSS is there for our Homeless population but only with your support and help. Contact JSS  at
  Another way you can help out Job’s Shelters of the Sierra without any expense to you is when shopping at Amazon.Com, you connect to “Smile.Amazon.”

This is how you do that: On the internet address, type in: HTTP://Smile.Amazon.com/ch/26-1384622 hit “Enter.” After AmazonSmile appears on your screen, go to the top, right corner of your screen and click on the little star. When the screen appears, delete all the wording EXCEPT “Amazon.Com Smile”. Then move down and click on “Tool Bar.” “Amazon.Com Smile” will now be on your tool bar for your convenience. Yes, you will have to again set up your password etc. again. But Amazon will send a donation to JSS for each of your purchases. And JSS thanks you!