Homeless Issue #121

Homeless Issue #121                                                    01/16/2018

El Dorado County throws away property that could be used to benefit our citizens who have the very least to nothing. Case in point!
Perks Court: County owned property, outside Placerville city limits. From functional property, well conceived, to totally trashed.
This property was rehabilitated by Art Edwards’ “United Outreach” and Ron Sachs’ “Job’s Shelters of the Sierra” plus a coalition of volunteers from faith organizations, and some responsible homeless persons, to provide for the Homeless population of El Dorado County. We envisioned offices for councilors and other organizations that would benefit a homeless person. This was back in 2009. Then with Art being ousted from United Outreach and JSS being kicked out of one building of the 4 on the property, the new “United Outreach,” and County restrictions, restricted the 4 building property to be used for only 6 persons total. After a short stay, they abandoned the property and the County allowed the 4 buildings to be trashed as this photo attests to.
What other empty buildings does the County own that can be turned into a haven for our
Responsible but destitute Citizens of El Dorado County or can these buildings be rehabilitated? I am pleading for the people in our community who act responsibly, but have no place to stay warm and dry, have easy access to information on where they can have some companionship and assistance. And be protected from the menace of the drug and alcoholic groups that are disruptive.
Can this property be rehabilitated? Would you support such a place? Will our newer enlightened Supervisors make things happen so that JSS, Community Haven, Only Kindness, NAMI, AA, and other non-profits, working together, can provide a safe warm place for our citizens who have the very least, can feel protected and advance their self esteem? Other faith organizations, as they are able, could administer to the disruptive group as they wish. And the responsible can improve their lives.
Let your Supervisor know.