Homeless Issues #124

Homeless Issue #124                       03/16/18

Lord’y, Lord’y, Lord’y

I can’t believe it is happening.
I attended a meeting, along with a lot of other homeless advocates, with County officials. Donald Ashton, County Administrative Officer (Steers the County’s ship) and Daniel DelMonte (Oversees the County’s homeless problems and importantly, finds Federal funding)  .
What a turn-around regarding homelessness in El Dorado County. A problem I see is the treatment or lack of treatment to/for the
single homeless person. When the word “Homeless” hits the ears, one thinks of the single homeless person who appears to be dirty, possibly drunk, and a rather unsavory person. That is the face of homelessness. But this is the neglected group in the homeless world. El Dorado County has made great strides in assisting homeless women with children, as well as with the homeless children in our public school system. So when the County hears “Homeless person” they can take pride in what they have accomplished with women with children. The single homeless persons are left out.
I asked the following question at this meeting: What are the County provisions for the
Humane treatment of dogs, cats, and horses, compared to the humane treatment of the single, homeless person?
The explanation: The federal Government mandates that the County must pay to take care of homeless, neglected dogs, cats and horses. There is no mandate that the County has to provide for the humans in the same predicament. In short. County Government has to pay for the care of dogs, cats, and horses, but not for humans.



Finally on the horizons, now in planning: 

What was covered by Don Aston and Darnel DelMonte:
Warming   Centers — Preparedness compared to Homeless Response  
       a.  Criteria for opening a Public Health Emergency Preparedness  warming       room  and the primary purpose of the program.
       b.  What other counties have  warming rooms specific for the homeless?  Who
           operates the warming  rooms?
(No overnight sheltering)
Background and Best Practices on Shelters
       a.  History of evolving homeless system response specific to shelters, who they
           serve, and what is their optimal role?
       b.  Based  upon best practices, what is the role of bridge housing?
       c.  What other counties offer homeless shelters? Who operates them?
IV.    Next Steps for the County 

  • Homeless Coordinator !


               Help is on the way!

Be aware that County government moves very     


Do not expect much, if any, change for 2-3 years.
I, Ron Sachs, one of the most harshest critics of the El Dorado County government regarding the treatment of the homeless population for over a period of 13 years, sees a GREAT change in the county’s attitude to its citizens who have the very least.
Please reach out and get everyone you know involved in these changes.

(BTW, the above picture is not Ron.)


What was not covered.

Dumping patents discharged from Marshall Hospital on to the doorsteps of the Nomadic Shelter locations that do not have the faculties or expertise to care for them.


For now the Non-Profits all need your financial support. No one at JSS is financially paid in any way for their volunteer help. Every cent gathered by JSS is spent on supplies and services to the homeless population. Yes, one time in our 13 years, JSS received one “Grant” for $1,000.00. All the rest has been from donors. WE at JSS bless and thank those individual donors.