Homeless Issues #128

County Homeless Coordinator:
The County has proposed hiring a County Homeless Coordinator who would oversee and coordinate all aspects of the homeless issues of El Dorado County.
This would necessitate having the City of Placerville, Marshall Hospital, City of South Lake Tahoe, and the County, each, contributing $20,000.00 to pay for this “ El Dorado County Homeless Coordinator.”

Will all entities that pay the $20,000.00 have a say on every decision that will have to be made by this Coordinator? This will be the “roadblock,” if each has a veto power over each decision? I sense from the City Of Placerville, this will be what they demand after attending their budget meeting. Can that attitude from all entities of this initiative come to one conscience?  How do they now resolve care for the roads systems? Or the emergency response system? Can Placerville City say “No you can’t fix that problem in Cameron Park? “ People are in need of emergency care. El Dorado County Governments tests my faith.
Should I pray that all government discussion makers experience homelessness? Or should I be merciful? When they show no mercy
“6 Months of homelessness teaches compassion of one’s fellow man more than 10 years in a local church.

Who will this “Coordinator” be? Their experiences? Were they successful in sheltering the homeless at their past position? Were the single, homeless persons, sheltered and the Coordinator’s services not needed at their past position????

Forest fires are possibly increased with homeless persons camping in our forests and possibly being negligent rather them staying in a secure shelter. El Dorado County is trees, trees, trees. Think of the cost difference between a permanent shelter for the homeless and a major forest fire.
This is the first year in awhile that the Nomadic Shelter is becoming organized. Much thanks to Pat Maher.

We are planning our next season, learning from our mistakes, frustrations, and differences in each locations operations.
It is recognized by most of the NS participants that we need continuity of operation within our participating churches. And that is a BIGGY! 4 Pillars of operation has been designated to achieve a successful, rewarding Nomadic Shelter. Pillar Three:
HEALTH AND SAFETY OF GUESTS AND VOLUNTEERS, in my option is the most important and daunting issue. At stake is biblical, practical, and ethical issues. The Bible says one should forgive 7X7X7 one’s disruptive, un-healthful, threatening actions. The Bible also talks about casting pearls in Matthew 7:6 (listen, receive food, shelter, warmth) to not listen, being disruptive, un-healthful, threatening persons (pigs or dogs) is wrong. The verse continues, “then they turn around and attack you.” Yes, we lost a participating church over this issue.
WE have lost one church and additional nights at other churches because of these disruptive, un-healthful, threatening persons who scare off volunteers and make it unsafe for other guests. Continuity is critical. Keep in mind that our guests do not keep track of what day of the week it is in. One church goes by 7X7X7 forgiveness, jeopardizing others, while the other church goes by “pearls and dogs,” and restricts the “problem” persons. That causes problems as the disruptive person is refused entrance into the shelter the night they visit a “pearls and dogs” church.
The following are the first 3 of 10 statements that the guest has to sign off on. Note #3, the stumbling block that has to be resolved for safe, reliable, rewarding experience while staying or volunteering at all Shelter locations.
1. There is ZERO TOLERANCE   for physical or verbal violence, weapons, sex, drugs, or alcohol at any Shelter to insure the safety of all shelter guests and volunteers.
   2. Failure to leave when asked to do so by a shelter monitor or for any serious problem may result in Law Enforcement or Emergency Response being called.
   3. Any guest banned from one shelter for verbal or physical violence will be banned at all shelters. Re-admittance to Nomadic Shelter Program will only occur after guest reapplies to Shelter Program coordinator and all shelter leaders agree after demonstration of guaranteed behavior changes.
County cost of
Animal Services as recorded in the County Budget:
         $2,132,296.00.  This is mandated by the State.
County mandate of toilet, shower facilities, laundry facility, warm/cool shelter facilities for single, homeless persons in the County
as recorded in the County Budget. 
$ “0”