Homeless Issue #129

Nomadic Shelter up-date

A late report on the number of persons who signed Shelter Guidelines and used the shelter at least one time was 278. However, we only had 135 of those persons who were interviewed and recorded in the HMIS records. Those HMIS records are the ones used by the U.S. Government HUD to allocate funds to help pay for the sheltering and caring for our homeless population. That has to and will be corrected if we expect to receive our full allotment of Government funding for the care of our homeless population.

My day at the El Dorado County Supervisors, budget and community comment proceedings. The last time I was there, over 5 years ago, I was chastised by a supervisor and ignored by other Supervisors while I was giving my presentation.

June 18, 2018 WOW! What a difference! When the time for public comments time arrived, I stood up, went to the podium, looked up and ………….. ALL of the Supervisors were paying attention to me. UNBELIEVABLE! I even saw a couple of heads nodding, smiles appeared, expressions of deep thought prevailed. I was flabbergasted. The Supervisors wanted to hear what I had to say.

One Supervisor even spoke at length in favor of the proposed Homeless Coordinator.

In my humble option, El Dorado County has become civilized and is now connected to the real world. I can’t say that for the city of Placerville regarding their homeless population efforts.

Now the struggle for the Supervisors is how to fund both County roads etc. in need of repair and the care of our citizens who are lost, sick, disabled, cold and hungry humans.
El Dorado County is mandated to allocate money for the stray cat, the stray dog, the abused four-legged animals of this County.

El Dorado County is now being asked to do the same for the